Why VkusVill opened its own kitchen and started delivering from restaurants

Why VkusVill opened its own kitchen and started delivering from restaurants

And why every tenth customer orders fresh food.

One of the most popular categories in VkusVille is ready-made food. By the time this section was closed, it had become popular – before the outbreak of the epidemic, the share of cooking was 7% of the transition, and by 2021 it was already 16.5%. We work with over 60 suppliers, offering fresh collections every day. We are preparing a very special line of dishes with no salt and sugar, low-fat vegetable oil, keto line, children’s and vegan menu.

The B2B team collaborates with offices and private kindergartens to offer VkusVill food products. Our meals are available at some gas stations, cafes, cinemas and sports clubs. We also serve frozen food ready for the AZUR flight menu.

We will deliver it in a hurry.

A new standard was our own production and fresh food. A.D. In February 2021, the team launched a project called “Flash” – about 20 dishes were prepared in a small food truck near the VkusVil Dark Store in Moscow. There was a lot of positive feedback from customers, so we decided to open kitchens entirely based on dark stores. There are more than 50 such “dark dishes” in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the regions, and the number of dishes has increased from 3.5 times to 70 places.

In the heat of the moment – VkusVilla Fresh Food Service, designed in a professional kitchen in dark stores. Food is delivered in tap, hot tubs – free of charge and in less than 2 hours from the time of order.

Simple dishes such as porridge and omelette are prepared on site for complex dishes such as soups, Italian pasta, meat and fish, by VkusVil Ice project providers. These foods are served cold. We heat them slowly or bring them to a boil in a professional microwave oven. Frozen foods go right through the “recovery” process – the pieces don’t dry out, the soups don’t grind, and the bakeries become soft and fluffy.

Report from darkkitchen VkusVil in Moscow

Food does not start cooking immediately or sending it to the oven. First, we make the usual order, and then we move on to the hot food, so the dishes are heated to the buyer.

Buyer’s taste

The first “dark kitchen” Vkusvill grew by 60%.On the other hand, the team breaks records in terms of number of new customers and revenue. Foods from the Svyarcha catalog contain over 6% checks. Among the main categories: burger, breakfast and soups.

Sales share by category “Bandit”

All categories are collected in the Hot Food catalog, on the website vkusvill.ru and in the VkusVill mobile app. The region is constantly changing, but the most popular places remain. Unsurprisingly Best BBQ beef burger earns 21% sales. No matter what the season, the soup subcategory does not lose its relevance – Best Seller – Chicken Soup ..

Restaurant Room

Realizing that customers needed fresh food, we decided not to stop there and started shipping from restaurants.

Since March 2022, VkusVill has been trying to ship Osteria Mario to Moscow. This is an Italian restaurant with pizza, pasta, salads, appetizers, fresh food and sweets on the menu. There are 80 meals for customers to order – we deliver from restaurants on the streets of Baltiskaya and Pyatnitskaya.

VkusVill buys orders in the kitchen of an Austrian Mario restaurant.

Together with Tatar Restaurant Tubeetei Restaurant, we started delivering national dishes from the “Dark Kitchen”. It is located in Kazan on Cheteva Street. A list of 19 Tatar dishes is served to customers at the venue, including soups, salads, pastries, pumpkins and squash, main courses.

We choose restaurants that are fully adapted to our food quality. Lack of clean and honest composition, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, refinements and other additives – For future partnerships, we consider local restaurants and gastroenthusiasts, whose menu and cuisine do not contradict our concept.

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