Why do experienced chefs cook vermicelli before cooking?

Why do experienced chefs cook vermicelli before cooking?

To make the chicken soup delicious and original, in a restaurant setting, the vermicelli must be boiled before cooking.

Why smear it with soup before allowing Vermisseli

The pre-fry prevents the pasta from overcooking, and the pasta retains its shape during and after cooking. Do not worry that pasta will be hard after this process. The secret is that when the soup sits on the stove for a few hours, you do not get “scary”.

How to make: Pour the vermicelli into a hot oven. No need to paint. Grease the vermicelli until golden brown, stirring occasionally. We then send the pasta with the soup to the pot and cook for a few more minutes.

And the next day, Vermiselli took the shape without turning it into porridge with the first course.

And if you want to get a richer and more satisfying soup, then when it is cooked, you can add a little butter to the vermicelli.

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