Where should everyone have lunch in Balakovo?

Where should everyone have lunch in Balakovo?

In our fast-paced life, most snacks kill their appetite. Or they may completely forget that lunch in the workplace can cause irreparable damage to their health in this way. It has long been proven that you need to eat in a pleasant atmosphere. And even better, under noisy music. And there is a place like this in Balakovo – Restaurant-Bistro Uppelsin, where you can taste the most delicious food and have a wonderful lunch for everyone at an affordable price.

pWsLovTdq9B42qXLVeFgQdITjFNnRZDiGZLrSkJ3IVjRugD8cclvDRMwx5HYOqV2FWmZkhi8kMGn_84eQ-H775k0.jpgBut most of all, atmosphere! There is another world beyond the limits of UPelsin – free from daily turmoil and full of peace. The restaurant-bistro atmosphere allows you to easily change the course of a series of problems that most people have to deal with throughout the day and make you feel in a world where everything is calm and comfortable. And at least for lunch, you definitely don’t want to think about worries!

It’s a special UPelsin Chicken menu, where both gourmets and select eaters have something to eat. By the way, all the dishes in the bistro and the restaurant are made of fresh and high quality products. And not to worry about your image, how to eat it properly, says restaurant manager Bistro Uppelsin. Ilia Krilov:

– Low-calorie salad is a perfect meal before dinner. Our menu has a delicious salad that combines boiled beef, tomatoes, bell peppers, Chinese cabbage, apples, herbs and vegetable oil. Or squid with vegetables (squid, Bulgarian pepper, Chinese cabbage, chopped onion, Worcestershire sauce, butter, herbs). Do not damage the image and the fish feed. For example, tillapia baked with tomatoes and cheese. And remember that any food is better absorbed if eaten in an environment that is pleasing to the eye. And of course, remember that you do not have to pass.

acs1y90Pd7y0cVk0GwiAmMS4uT0LpgFdfmJSB2ZBZ6A2TkXaAT9lDrB_ahsE6XRKK4gOgYKfm7KRepp7sxO0DQOJ.jpgThe choice of stoves is very diverse, and it meets every need. And, most importantly, you do not have to wait long for your order at Bistro Lunch. The UPelsin staff will serve you quickly and efficiently, and will encourage you with a pleasant smile and professional conduct.

The warmth of the ovens and the variety of dishes delight everyone who comes to Euplasi. The bistro menu has everything for a simple snack and a full meal. There is a wonderful vegetable soup with potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, onions, peas and herbs for those who can not imagine a lunch without soup. Well, for real men – traditional borscht with meat.

The second is meat, fish, seafood and poultry. People who prefer traditional Russian cuisine can eat it with stews or pork, and unusual lovers have chicken nuggets from pineapple or lizard. Yes, and enjoy a variety of side dishes. The bistro menu tastes for everyone – from boiled green beans to boiled potatoes. Well, for dessert – lots of our own produce, and great coffee! And remember, the UPelsin staff will give you the opportunity to satisfy your food cravings quickly!

But do not read about it! You just have to come to UPelsin to see how much better everything can be described than even the most sophisticated style. So visit the restaurant-bistro at 24 Torch Socialism Street to find out if you want to repeat lunch at UPelsin!


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