When salt is added to soup and how much salt should be added to liquid foods – UNIAN

When salt is added to soup and how much salt should be added to liquid foods – UNIAN

How much salt and most importantly the soup – when, at what stage, to do this, the dish ends with a wonderful taste and aroma, UNIAN explains.

When salt is added to the soup and how much salt is added to liquid foods / 1zoom.ru

When salt is added to the soup and how much salt is added to liquid foods / 1zoom.ru

Many still have the misconception that salt water boils faster than it does. And because we always lose time and want to deal with the whole family quickly, it’s boring, but, alas, we often take advantage of every opportunity to speed up the process. And we add salt at the beginning of the cooking process – you can boil it quickly, put all the ingredients in, boil it and you can sleep on the internet for something fun after your righteous effort.

Most housewives make the first mistake at this stage — usually fresh water boils faster, and salty liquids require an extra couple of degrees (more than 100 degrees Celsius). Yes, and the soup itself will be even sweeter – if you salt it later.


By the way, we have already written about when to throw potatoes in borscht and how much borscht can be reddened.

When you add salt to the soup and borscht

Both soups and borscht need salt at the end: the main products are still ripe (when they are not strong) – but at the same time they are not yet digested (i.e. 10-20 minutes ago). End of cooking). In this case, the salt will be evenly filled, and the taste of the oven will be richer and brighter.

The same borscht is traditionally salted at the end.

If the cook is still inexperienced or unfamiliar with nature and the soup is often overcooked, then it is best not to overcook it or add salt at first, the ingredients can still absorb evenly. But it is better to do this in this case – as the soup (read more about it below).

Otherwise there is a great risk of overcooking the soup: the liquid will be salty, but the fat will be tasteless.

When pork, beef and other meats make the soup salty

Occurs when the soup is prepared separately. First, boil the soup – and after a few days prepare the first dish accordingly. Or they send the soup to the freezer, because for the intended meal, only boiled meat is needed (for example, the host decides to prepare a satisfying diet).

The soups are seasoned with salt at the very beginning (so salt is absorbed into the meat) – but moderately, not intentionally. Also, in this case, the soup itself will be richer: there are proteins that are soluble in salt in the meat – and only when it is salty will it be absorbed into the water.

Mix with salt (add salt to taste, in other words) at the end of the soup.

How much salt should be put in the soup

The calculation here is simple: for every liter of finished food (this does not count as pure water, but together with the ingredients) – half or one full teaspoon of salt. It is not surprising that they always say: “to taste salt”, because one person likes more salty, and the other – slightly salty foods.

that is:

  • How much salt is in a liter of soup? – Half-one tea;
  • How much salt for 2 liters of soup? – One or two;
  • How many tablespoons of salt per 5 liters of soup? – Maximum five, etc.

And if you still overeat your soup or borscht, we have already written about how to fix overly salty foods.

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