What to do with the skin between the thighs

What to do with the skin between the thighs

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Body care is especially important in hot weather. Of course, we have not ignored it before. But now clothes are getting lighter, exposing previously hidden areas. And I wish they were perfect. Everything is accessible.

If previously there was no way to care for the body, there are now a number of exciting new forms. So, for example, milk, oil and even body shakes (instead of regular baths) should be shaken well before using a two-stage product). At first glance, it might seem that they are not heavy at all. When in contact with water, they turn into weightless cleansers, and after application, the body retains good moisture and nutrition, so you do not need to apply extra fat.

To cleanse the skin, you can try the pudding instead of the traditional chewing gum – a product with a softer texture and a sweeter scent or acid and herbal ingredients applied to the dry. Massage the body lightly and then wash.

Dense, rich essential oils or balm oils can nourish and moisturize the skin. For easy care, whipped cream or whipped cream, airy texture is ideal. And for lifting and significant rejuvenation effects, innovative serum or patch masks, for example, for the decocol area.

If you have problems – cellulite, stretch marks, overdose – you can use special tools to help fight at home. These include mud and bed sheets, cryo- or heat-affected products, various oils and concentrations to work with skin quality defects such as scarring or stretch marks.


In the photo: Phytolastil fortified solution for correction And prevention of stretch marks Lirac; Algae Micronized Les Essentials Marines, Talgo; Body milk “Lavender”, Mi & ko; Cream Dermafactor Postpartum Use, BNV Biolab; Body cream “favorite avocado”, Bath garden; Strawberry body yogurt What a beauty..

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Ekaterina MatantsevaFounder of mi & ko Organic Cosmetics

“Milk is the best skin care product for the summer. It does not absorb quickly, does not absorb, does not absorb, does not absorb, does not die and is in good condition (AREBEANEANEANE standard). It is comfortable to wear.

I especially like to mention products that contain ingredients such as honey, raspberry or lavavan, as they are useful after exposure to the sun. It soothes lavender, and honey and strawberries refresh the skin. For those who are worried about dryness, it is best to choose a cream or milk and oil mixture in layers (first milk, then oil).

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In the photo, a drop-in cream for neck and decorative push-up, Mi & ko; Anti-acne cream, Anna Sharova; Changing serum-spray for face and body; Sami beauty; Detox Mask Anti-Cellulite Temperature Algae Body Strategy Bagni de Montalcino, [ comfort zone ]; Relax with two-step body mousse SPA Babor.

If you need to work with problem areas, anti-cellulite creams and oils can help. For example, try products with ginger. Remember that such funds are best implemented at night – they need time to work. And trust me, they are really effective!

Why does diet and exercise not affect cellulite? The fact is that the so-called “orange peel” on the thigh is not due to excess weight but due to a violation of lymph flow. It is very easy to solve the problem with an effective lymphatic drainage agent. However, they are usually very dense and not suitable for use on the run, but are suitable for anti-cellulite massage. This is a great option for people who set big goals for bodybuilding – avoiding the “orange peel” with a thinner image (this is not uncommon) to fight excess weight.


In the photo: Cream “Hop” to strengthen the breast, Mi & ko; Miscellaneous body spray, Botavikos; Golden Butter – mousse for body “Rosewood + Litsea cubeba”, Botavikos; Intensified foot massage Margaret Dabs; Relaxing Body Cream Sea Holly, Phytomer.

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