What do you eat “for the first time” in different parts of the world?

What do you eat “for the first time” in different parts of the world?

April 5 is International Soup Day. And it is the day of the year when mom and grandma can stay calm about your stomach health.

The word “soup” comes from the Latin (supa) and means water-borne Borda. In Russia, Peter 1 was called the “pot” until he introduced the fashionable Western word “soup.”

The most delicious food we eat now (oysters, black caviar, pizza, sushi and quinoa) soup was once considered the food of the poor, but then it migrated all over the country and at the suggestion. Gastroenterologists around the world.

Ania Baturina, PEOPLETALK columnist, author of Gastro Geography Telegram Channel

According to statistical columnist Ania Baturina from Russia, soup consumption (thanks to our long winters) and chefs from restaurants of different countries and cultures – how and what soups can be eaten and tasted there. In Moscow.

Ramen (Japan)

Vladilav Kistev, Japanese Bistro Japan and Ramen Bar Ramen Chef

“Soups have a special place in Japanese cuisine. Moreover, the Japanese even eat them for breakfast. Miso soup is one of the most important parts of traditional Japanese breakfast.. And at lunchtime, the soup is included in the teiseku collection (a complex dinner of several dishes served at the same time). Japanese soups are very simple and each one is a nutritious one with a few ingredients. For example, the simplest miso soup includes tofu cube, seaweed and dashi soup.

Of course, there are more complex soups, often served only in restaurants or on holidays. Ramen is one of them. I call it “a place in a bowl” – it takes a lot of effort to create it. Very popular and bright in our RA’MENHe is “Naruto Ramen” and is being hunted by cosmos, naruto fans and lovers of Japanese and anime around the world. Masashi Kishimoto shounen manga “Naruto” main character – here are all the ingredients that repeat the composition of the famous soup that Naruto Uzumaki loved. The difference was the soup, here we replaced the traditional pork with chicken and kelp broth.

Carcho (Georgia)

Marina Martishville, Georgian Store “Odzakuri” Product Chef

“In Georgia, you have a lot of soups, and you can try something different, unique in each region. There are a lot of vegetables in one place, a lot of meat soups, a variety of spices and seasonings. For example, in cactus, meat-based soups are very popular. They are popular because it is a thriving region. Excellent cassava and chakapuli – lamb soup with targon, especially wine and cherry plum. Makers, many recipes for this soup.

Soup should be eaten with Georgia Shotti. And it is good to drink homemade chacha. We sell all these soups in our restaurants and shops (Ojakhuri, Megobari). The same Chakapoli, however, we cook according to the season, when it grows fresh tarragon. And the leader in sales is, of course, Carcho. By the way, few people know that “carcho” is not only a soup, but also the main food, there is such a thing as beef – “Megrelian carcho”.

Onion Soup (France)

Michelle Ivan, Chef of Nebistro “Geraldine”

“In France, each region has its own” favorite “or” national “soup. There is a unique design – the region is warmer, the consistency of the soup will be easier. With seafood, and Normandy’s favorite soup is the famous onion soup.

However, it was the most popular onion soup not only in this region but throughout France. Although Nice and Cannes support fish soups, for example, bouillabaisse is traditionally prepared here – thanks to the light base, but the taste is richer because many fish are gathered there.

Gumbo (USA, Louisiana)

Egor Ermakov, Marie Laveau Chef

Gumbo is an example of New Orleans home cooking, where housewives prepare “beer” for the whole family. As for the composition of the soup, the Holy Trinity vegetables include a creole mixture: sweet pepper, onion, celery. It is based on chicken, tomatoes, seafood, smoked meats and okra – the most original, healthy and little known product in our country (looks like zucchini or green beans). Gumbo soup may be similar to our hoodies.

Corn Soup by Mari Love

Corn is another very important product that Cryols use in a variety of ways. Pies, bread, stew, ice cream, garnish, soup – this is just a small part of this cobbler. In New Orleans, corn soup is generally one of the most popular dishes in the kitchen, even sold in cans. As a rule, they prepare smoked meats or dairy products such as vegetables and corn soup. Sweet, salty cornmeal blends well with a variety of roots in vegetable soups, and if you add cream or stracciatella, this mixture will taste even sweeter.

Spa (Armenia)

Gayane Breiova, restaurateur, product chef at a Gain restaurant

Spas Soup is a traditional Armenian soup based on yogurt, wheat and cilantro. There is a story about this soup that happened in the 19th century. One night he looked at the frozen Russian Cossacks at his home in Armenia. The host fed them fresh soup, then cooked it on choratan (dried matsu), water and lavash. The Cossacks ate the soup and thanked the owner. Since then, the traditional Armenian soup tan-azur has got another name – spas.

Each family prepares this soup differently. It usually consists of yogurt and rice, and we cook yoghurt and wheat groats at a Guinean restaurant. If you add mint or celandine, it will give the food freshness. In the summer the soup can be served cold, but it is also good hot or cold.

Lentil Soup (Middle East)

Vladimir Bozhavets, Chef Maron

“It’s fun, but there is no such thing in the Middle East – to make soups. Even though they make soup-based dishes, add dry breadcrumbs there and pack everything into a porridge. In Jordan, for example, they do not serve soup;

In Maron, our soups are closely related to Turkish cuisine and Caucasian cuisine, but again, this is our recipe view, with Middle Eastern and Indian spices. All the soups on our menu are so popular, it is difficult to identify one. For example, lentil soup leaves – lentils and lamb with oriental spices and Harisa based on Zagreb food, served with kimchi. It is covered with a powder lid in a wooden oven.

Chicken Soup (Israel)

Sasha Bogdanov, Cafe Claret Chef

“Rich soups in Israel are not very common and not every housewife cooks them at home as a daily meal. As a rule, the Israelis who use the soups come from CIS countries.

Probably the most common soup in Israel is chicken soup. This is partly due to religion, there is a festival all over the country eating this soup. I mean the age of Pesach. Nowadays it is common to make soup with traditional pumpkins made from matza (kneidlac). The rest of the time the soup will be served with special crackers (Shade Mark); These kids also love the bright yellow color and the fun crayons.

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