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War Soup // Jewish.Ru – International Jewish Online Center

Grandpa and Grandma returned to Kirogograd after the war. Grandpa – front, Grandpa – from the release. It was difficult to live in the old place – there are many memories of the dead. And a few years later they moved to Zaporozhye.

They bought a house in the private sector – white with green roof, covered with Isabella wine. Cherry and lilacs grow in front of the house, and behind the house was our children’s kingdom. It was a barn where rabbits lived, apricots and mulberry trees grew. My cousin and I were sitting on the mulberry tree, and our parents were joking that the children themselves would be transformed into silkworms.

While we were playing, Grandma was busy in the summer kitchen in the yard. It is futile to say that she prepared delicious food. She created masterpieces from simple products. My brother and I went as far as we could. On the weekends, they escorted Grandma to the market – a table full of noisy, fragrant, colorful vegetables and fruits.

I think I can cook thanks to the Ukrainian holidays. This ability manifested itself – from the smell and taste of grandparents’ food. And again – the air of joy flowed. After returning to Moscow, these flavors remained with me. And now I close my eyes and see them – the house, the garden, the grandfather with the pot and the brother who lived in my childhood city on the mule tree – Zaporozhye. Today I am cooking my grandmother’s summer soup and praying that everything will end soon.

Inputs drop-

½ kg of thin green beans
1 bell pepper
20 grams of lentils
1 bulb
1 carrot
5 potatoes
3 liters of water or chicken broth
½ A liter pot of homemade tomatoes with their own juice
4 cloves of garlic
Ginger slices 1-1.5 cm
A little fig leaf or parsley

Cooking method

Wash the nuts and soak them in water. And after a few hours – put it to boil. If you want to cook this soup based on chicken soup, cook lentils properly in this soup.

In the meantime, cut the onion into cubes, and spread the carrots over the beans. Fry the vegetables in vegetable oil and when the onion is golden, add chopped Bulgarian pepper, finely chopped garlic and ginger, and green beans to the pan – cut the long ones and you can put the short ones completely. Then drain the tomatoes with their own juice and fry until the beans are soft.

When the lentils are slightly cooked, add the chopped potatoes to the pan and cook until cooked through. Then send the contents of the oven and the chopped cilantro there. Hold it on the fire for a minute – and turn it off. Serve the soup with fresh bread and fresh herbs. Hello to you and good appetite!


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