Throw a little, cook better: Secrets from Jamie Oliver – Home

Throw a little, cook better: Secrets from Jamie Oliver – Home

Even with the most common products, you can create real recipes if you use the advice of a famous chef.

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May 31, 2022 12 ፡ 36 in the afternoon

Jamie Oliver

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Sometimes restaurant meals seem to be so delicious and tasty because chefs can find rare and expensive ingredients. But that is not the case with Jamie Oliver, one of the world’s most famous chefs.

Knowing a few basic secrets, he believes that you can create amazing work and take ordinary food to a whole new level, even from what is often sent to the trash.

Cooking meat and fish in different ways

Jamie is sure that fish should be one of the main components of a healthy diet: it contains a lot of protein, vitamins, healthy fats. To make cooking easier, Oliver recommends salt for half an hour before frying the fish – the salt retains excess moisture, causing the pieces to burn and stick to the pan.

It is also not necessary to lubricate the pan or baking sheet with oil, but the fish itself, so it will not be juicy and covered with golden crust.

It is important to prepare two liquids for cooking: one with water, the other with apple or vinegar. First you can turn off the heat, sprinkle the steaks per second, to give the taste and improve the appearance of the sweet crust. And if the meat is too fatty, put a few slices of pineapple in a bakery or bakery – it will take too much oil.

The basis of the diet – vegetables

Jamie is known for his commitment to healthy eating. One-third of Americans fear that they will not include vegetables in their daily diet, which could lead to vitamin deficiencies and weight gain.

To keep vegetables fresh, Oliver recommends cooking without water for the first 10 minutes and then pouring over the broth. The chef recommends trying new salad pieces to visualize familiar foods. Carrots and pumpkins, for example, are thinner if you cut them into slices.

Jamie advises not to give up vegetables you don’t like for the first time. For example, to express the taste of cauliflower or broccoli, according to the chef, they should be served with parmesan or anchovy, chilled and chopped chili peppers complement boiled potatoes, fresh tomatoes or zucchini.

Jamie Oliver

Not on the trash, but on the table

Another Jamie Oliver envelope is to reduce waste products. According to his statistics, the large amount of food we send to the store may be the basis for other sweet and healthy foods.

So, most of the time, baked chicken is eaten halfway. Oliver recommends splitting into pieces, removing bones, and letting them cool. Chicken will be a delicious filling for omelets, pies, and can be added to vegetable soups.

Sliced ​​vegetables, which have a mild climate and are not edible, are suitable as a basis for pasta soup or ketchup.

Jamie recommends refrigerating dark bananas to prepare milkshakes or smoothies out of them. You can also bake it on low heat to a crispy state – you get a healthy snack.

Berries, chili peppers, herbs are the basis of oil or vinegar. So, Jamie himself likes to add strawberries to the vinegar – this mixture is perfect for meat.

Yesterday’s bread is perfect for the classic Italian garlic bread – for this you need to make a long slice and slice it without touching the bottom crust. Place chopped garlic, bay leaf in breadcrumbs, drizzle with olive oil, cover with paper or foil and bake until cooked through.


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