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On Thursday, March 4, as part of the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” advertising and information program on Radio Air, the program “not only cereals useful for fasting … but also this mysterious lentils …” E.R. : Hello, with you in the studio Supplier Ekaterina Rozhaeva (ER).

Lent is the third week, and we have donated our Bon Appetit promotion program to Lent. Our studio guests – St. Danilov Monastery Storage Room Abba Theognost (OFF) And Expert of the company “Mistral”, which was led by Julia Kotelnikova (UK), a leader in grain imports in Russia.

– Father Theognost, tell me how the third week of fasting differs from the second, how to fast?

OFF -Because fasting is taking place, it requires a strict attitude. In our monastery, they now cook with butter. According to the charter, you must cook on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday without oil, and on Wednesdays and Fridays you can eat boiled food to celebrate Mass. Naturally, on weekends, food is boiled and eaten with butter. You can cook many kinds of dishes from lentils. They cook lentil soup in our monastery. You need to take 8 glasses of water, one kilogram of lentils. Lentils are washed first, then cooked, as soon as it is boiled, the soup is washed, then add 8 glasses of water and continue cooking. Then you can add onions, carrots, red peppers, two potatoes, greens to taste. This kind of lentil soup comes out.

There are also recipes that increase immunity. May rose hips are taken, the same amount of buckwheat porridge and lentils, all this is digested and mixed in a coffee grinder. It is good to drink green tea. This is an excellent medicine to boost the immune system.

E.R. – Call us Company Procurement Manager “Mistral” to Olga Kurbatova (OK), promised to tell us about the ancient history of lentils.

all right:: – Hello.

Mention of lentils can be found in biblical myths. It is the Bible that preserves the very history of leprosy when it affects the destiny of a nation and at the same time overturns the whole world. Esau, in fact, sold his birthright to Jacob for lentil soup. Mankind now continues to love no less. In Turkey, for example, lentil and bean puree are on the national menu; In Iran Plov is popular with lentils, raisins and dates. At present, food in India, the world’s largest producer of lentils, cannot be counted. These lentils with rice, and soups, and herbs, and all kinds of lentil soups are spicy. The West is no exception. In Italy, for example, sausage is served with lentils, and in Germany it is traditionally served on New Year’s Eve, because it is believed that New Year’s lentils bring prosperity to the family. Lentils appeared for the first time in Russia over 500 years ago and were so popular that they named her Lent Queen. There is another interesting fact. At one time the Roman armies that conquered large areas of the Atlantic, the Caspian, and the British Isles, as well as the Egyptian pyramids, were mostly vegetarians, surprisingly, in addition to rice and barley. It was really lentil.

If food is valued in ancient times, first of all, for its nutritional value and ease of preparation, then in our time we think about ecology above all else. Therefore, another amazing lentil property does not store nitrates, radioactive and toxins. Therefore, it is considered an environmentally friendly product.

E.R. – Julia, what can you tell us about lentils?

UK: – In general, when the Russians hear the word “lentil” they do not expect anything sweet and refined, even in vain. Because lentils can be very tasty and delicious in winter dishes, as well as tasty in summer salads. But of course, in winter and spring, when our body is deficient in vitamins and minerals, lentils are a very important product. Lentils are very diverse, but all varieties are rich in protein, weak in fat. It goes well with meat and vegetables – such a versatile product. If you tell a little story, Russia was the world leader in this crop. Large lentils grow in Russia, and are popular with both urban and rural residents. We now have to import it from Canada to the United States. Today lentils grow in North Africa, southern Europe and other tropical countries. Lentils are widely grown in India.

What types of lentils are in the company’s collection? “Mistral”?

The sweetest lentils are Pardina lentils. The Spaniards love it. Eats quickly, 20-30 minutes, does not need to drip, retains its shape. It tastes like almonds. It can be used as a side dish without adding spices and seasonings.

Anything else? Lentil red. Most of the time, it is cut. Patties are well prepared from these lentils: After cooking, they become uniform and turn red to yellow. Kids love it, eat and go out. Delicious lentils, made from his “Indian dal”, a popular Indian dish.

Then Green lentils. She happens ShallowIt happens Large. Very popular in European cuisine. It has such a dense texture as well as a nutty texture. I prefer green lentils, because I always like to chew instead of the same structure.

E.R. -I’m the first time I’ve heard of green lentils.

UK: – Green is the most common lentil. The color of green lentils is slightly brown. It just depends on how long she has been there. That means lentils are green at first. If it dries, it dries for half a year, the color turns brown. When ripe, it turns brown.

OFF – By the way, another monastic system. To increase the filling of the pie, we sometimes practice this way in the monastery – we use lentils as a filling. The lentils are boiled, then the onion is melted, the spices are added to taste, all this is mixed and added to the pizzas as a filling.

UK: – I add lentils to pork or pork. If you add curry, then it will be a great vegetable dish. It can be compared to any rich meat broth in terms of nutritional value. In addition, the proteins contained in lentils are easily absorbed by the body. If the lentils are red or pardina lentils do not need to be soaked. Green can be drunk, but still nothing, it eats quickly. It contains an amazing amount of water, so you need to look under the lid when cooking.

E.R. – Add water?

UK: – It is better to cook with enough water at first. This is about 2.5 volumes of water per 1 volume of lentils. Lentils are cheap, so for those who want to save money and still get healthy, nutritious food, then lentils are your answer.

E.R. – Does that mean the price, quality and benefits ratio is right?

UK: – Perfect. I believe the grains in Russia are worthless. When research shows what meat prices look like, how they grow, how hard it is to live now. In fact, there is a very good alternative – beans, peas, lentils. At the same time, the body consumes at least some fat, that is, less than one percent of fat, and no extra calories, and nothing is stored in fat.

E.R. – By the way, our cultural call for one Leading Russian doctors – nutritionistsDirector of Nutrition and Nutrition Therapy at Samara Research Institute Medical Science Dr. Michael Ginszburg (MG) About fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Hello Michael.

MG: – Lentils are one of the products of the cereal family and, like all grains, they differ from other plants in their high protein content. This is a protein that in some cases compensates for the lack of protein. For example, due to a vegetarian diet or lack of protein, people do not use animal protein for any other reason. Complex carbohydrates, especially starch and good content. This is a very important part of the diet, because in the gastrointestinal tract, starch is gradually broken down into glucose, and glucose nourishes the brain and muscles. Lentils, like all grains, are low in fat. If we use such side dishes, we will reduce the fat content in the diet. In terms of protein, fat and carbohydrates, lentils, which are high in complex carbohydrates and proteins, are classified as products for weight loss. And in the modern human diet, especially those who are overweight, it is desirable to have more of these products. B vitamins, which are essential for fat metabolism and carbohydrates metabolism, are also high in lentils. Calcium, magnesium, iron – all the major minerals necessary for normal hematopoiesis, normal metabolic processes. Calcium, especially for normal processes in bone tissue.

We should try to get lots of lentils and other grains in our diet. Only then will we benefit.

UK: – Lentil protein contains essential amino acids that are well absorbed. And a caloric content of 310 kcal per 100 g. That is, they receive the necessary compensation, but without any negative consequences on the body. Lentils are rich in antioxidants, which are found in grapes and cranberries, which help prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Listener Call: Hello, my name is Natalia. Want to know how to control grain quality in your company? Who and how does it filter? This is very important in our time, I think.

UK: – In our company, lentils go through several stages of cleaning before entering the packaging. First, this is the desire, when all the dust, the small debris that can be found in the bag, enter into the desire. Then the metal detector. That is, we accidentally remove any metal impurities from the product. And a carpenter. That is, when you buy lentils by Mistral brand, you can be sure that there will be no stone on your plate. And, importantly, we buy it from pre-arranged suppliers. That means the result will be a uniform digestion. If lentils come in a variety of sizes, there is a chance that some grains may be soft, and some may not. Because we import all lentils from the United States and Canada, lentils are strictly controlled. The consumer can be assured that this is not a genetically modified product, that it does not contain any excess waste, and that it does not contain any pesticides. Everything is very strict, we accept all protocols, exactly for each container.

E.R. – We announce the winner of a traditional bean recipe competition. Today is Nellie S. Recipe for one meal – simple, affordable and quick to prepare.

Beans in a saucepan.

Boil the beans first. We put the meat in a pot, then we put the beans, birch leaves, salt, pepper, on top – carrots and onions, cut into circles, add mayonnaise and fry in oven until cooked through. Nellie says, transformed – you lick your fingers!

Air Catch – Dear Radio Audience Send your lentil recipe to Marked We will announce the winner in the next episode of “Mistral” for Rice.



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