The dietitian talked about diet rules after the holiday

The dietitian talked about diet rules after the holiday

Dietitian Anna Macarova believes there is an easy but effective way to restore digestion after the May holidays and overeating. She shared it with journalists.

After the holiday, the specialist recommends eating 3 times a day, as well as eliminating fasting and category restrictions.

According to the nutritionist, a healthy, balanced diet includes at least three foods: breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is important to gradually follow a normal diet. The dietitian cautioned not to take long breaks between meals, as this can lead to overeating and overeating.

According to the expert, it is necessary to reduce the intake of fatty and sweet foods, eliminate alcohol from the diet, but instead add fiber and lean protein.

“Breakfast may include the following products: Omelet with low-fat milk, as well as vegetable salad and one slice of whole grain bread – this will be a balanced and healthy meal. Lunch can include simple vegetable soup, and it is important that it is not a cream soup, it is not recommended only for people who follow their diet. Low fat fish complements the lunch perfectly. But it is better to avoid red meat these days. For dinner, you can eat weak fish again, add vegetables (especially fresh). Of course without adding oil. If you are interested and you think you are the only one who is not full of fish and vegetables, you can eat vegetable soup again, ”said the dietitian.

You also need to remember about water nutrition. According to Anna, it is necessary to drink 100-200 ml of water per hour. The dietitian recommends drinking water with lemon, cinnamon, ginger, green tea, and sugar.

Former nutritionist Eva Shishova names ways to lose weight after a meal. She suggested that the girl eat white, green vegetables and fruits on Lent.


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