The dietitian said which foods reduce hunger

The dietitian said which foods reduce hunger

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Dietician Elena Solomatina explains what foods you can eat to alleviate hunger. Reported by “Vechernyaya Moskva”.

“Foods rich in water and fiber reduce appetite. For example, pumpkins. Chlorogenic acid also promotes weight loss,” he said.

She says other fiber-rich foods, such as green lettuce, cabbage, and celery, are also used. Such food should give priority to people who look at their image.

Another option is to eat plenty of nutritious foods, such as vegetable soups. The fact is that the hunger hormone ghrelin is produced in the upper part of the stomach, so it must be replenished.

“There is a lot of water in vegetable soup, which creates volume, and the temperature calms the stomach walls. Losing weight on such foods is as easy as possible. I also recommend eating a whole grain bread with whole grain bread,” said Solomati.

Other foods that reduce appetite include eggs, cocoa cinnamon or vanilla, tea with milk and pine nuts. If there is no feeling of fullness after the main meal, the second may be helpful – eating just one handful is enough.

Former psychologist Pavel Javnerov said that one should not limit oneself to food when it comes to overeating, but simply replace it with something more beneficial. So, instead of sweets, you can opt for fresh vegetables, slow carbohydrates and protein bars.


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