Terra Salat and Pizza Bar on the second floor of the Bolshevik Room Store

Terra Salat and Pizza Bar on the second floor of the Bolshevik Room Store


Second floor of St. Malysheva, 71, Bolshoy Room Store

Work mode

10:00 to 21:00

The Duo Family Institute’s new project, Terra Salat and Pizza Bar, has opened on the second floor of the Bolshoy Room Store between the Falafel Brothers and Duo Coffee & Bistro. Previously, this place was Austrian Soriso, working from 2018 to October 1, 2021. The new pizzeria began with a salad bar last Friday.

According to the institute, the terra is translated from English as “ground” and is associated with the color of terracotta. The interior of the new venue was designed by designer Anna Shabbinkaya at Gagarina, 35-year-old Vietnam Café, Donna Olivia Restaurant, Bistro “Kinkali Ale”, and on-site designer Anna Shabbinkaya. Georgia Restaurant Pumpula. Terra wanted to create a work environment where they could work and have fun. There is good Wi-Fi, there is a socket for laptops and a large desk for meetings.

According to the new project manager, Evgenia Portnyagina, Duo means “duo”, so the team decided to create a different product. And if you offer Duo Pizza and Wine Sako and Vanzeti 61 Pizza and Wine, here they come with another gastro-pair for pizza – great green and hot salad with it.

The Terra Salat and Pizza Bar menu includes ten Neapolitan pizzas. Basically, this is a classic that can be found in any Italian pizzeria: “Four Cheese”, “Pear and Gorgonzola”, “Margherita”, “Pepperoni”, “Parma Ham with Arugula”. But there is also an unusual combination – polo verde pizza with chicken breast, mushrooms, spinach leaves and parmesan. In addition to pizza and salads, the menu includes chicken soup, pasta and gnocchi. From drinks to food, coffee, cider and beer are served, and wines are served.

A full breakfast menu appeared at the Terra Salat and Pizza Bar earlier in the week.

Menu citations

Italian Shakshuka Fritata Tomatoes 350 rubles

Pizza “Polo Verde” with chicken breast, champagne, spinach and parmesan – 590 rubles

Large green salad “Krispy hello” with shrimp in batter, guacamole and coconut mango – 620 rubles

Chicken soup with homemade pasta 320 rubles

Fettuccine Pasta with Salmon, Zacchini and Pest infusion – 480 rubles

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