Strengthens Immune System – Nutritionist for Lentil Soup / HB

Strengthens Immune System – Nutritionist for Lentil Soup / HB

This soup is rich in vegetable protein and complex carbohydrates.

Winter is the perfect time for soups, warm and fragrant, lean and, conversely, rich and, minced soups.

Why lentils? First of all, it is the leader in all grains, nutrition and useful properties. Only 200 grams of product contains iron and folic acid daily foods.

Secondly, because of the taste of lentils – a wonderful aroma, subtle oriental notes.

Third, lentils are rich in vegetable protein, which is easily absorbed by the body, and the carbohydrates in the product are complex. (Glycemic index – 25 to 40, depending on the difference).

All kinds of lentils are very healthy and tasty.

Lentils are recommended for use in diabetes, stomach and duodenal ulcers, colitis and metabolic disorders. Lentils also help to strengthen the overall immune system and the normal functioning of the digestive system.

Lentils, as you know, come in different colors: green, yellow, red, black, brown. Feel free to use what you can buy in your store – no doubt, all kinds are very healthy and delicious!


Lentils – 250-300 g

Water – 2 liters

Carrots – 2 medium

Onion – 1 pc.

Spices (A pinch) – pepper, ground pepper, pepper

Eucalyptus leaf – 1-2 pcs.

Salt – to taste

Greens (Any) and pumpkin seeds – for decoration

If you want to cook the soup in a meat grinder, then add 500 grams of chicken fillet to the listed ingredients.

Cooking method:

Wash the lentils and pour in two liters of water. There, in cold water, add carrots (Cut into medium round or square cups for quick cooking), chopped onion, bay leaf.

After everything boils, remove the foam. Do not forget to salt.

Readiness can be characterized by the taste of lentils – it should be boiled soft, the water will be a little cloudy. Carrots should be soft. If you prepare chicken elephants, it should also be cooked during this time.

Pour most of the water into a separate container. (But do not pour it out – we still need it), take a bay leaf and do not forget to take out the chicken fillet; You will need to cut it into small pieces and add it to the finished soup.

Mix everything in a blender until smooth. (3-5 minutes), adding the soup in small portions. As for consistency, it should be medium – not too thin and not too thick, although, of course, this is entirely a matter of your choice. You can make pureed soup thicker, then serve both as a first and second course.

Add pepper to the finished soup (It will have a nice yellow color), pepper, corridor. Put it on the stove and cook it again – exactly for a minute. Ready.

You can serve the soup by garnishing it with your favorite herbs and pumpkin seeds. And for kids, I recommend adding a little low-fat cream to the soup – so it tastes softer, it covers.

This soup is rich in vegetable protein and complex carbohydrates. (There are no potatoes in the recipe, so the soup remains nutritious), easily digestible, contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Lentil soup puree is recommended for diabetics, athletes and children. And how fragrant it is … try it soon – I guarantee, you will immediately fall in love!

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