She describes how she felt about a trip to Altai in Turkey.

Born in Omsk, Vera Alkas was a student who moved to Turkey from Antalya as a student. The next day she visited Altai “Under the auspices of the” Foreign Relatives Support and Development “sub-program” Altai Territory State Program “Altai Territory Development Program”. AP Reporter spoke to the woman He knew the details.

Create a micro climate

This is not the first time our countryman has come to Russia. This year you are invited to the Malina International Dance Village. This is a platform for children’s groups to compete with each other.

– In my first education, I was a choreographer. It is good to be among the professionals. When I saw the men’s show, I was proud of our country. All gifted
And bright, – says Vera. – I like to communicate with them, you have received something for yourself, you know where to go.

She recognizes the importance of micro-climate and mutual understanding in the dance group, otherwise great results cannot be achieved. So Vera held a master’s degree in team building for union leaders.

Be useful

Coriographic education led her to the city of dreams. In her first year, Vera moved to Antalya. She loved the city so much that she decided to return there.

-The first four years I lived between May and October. I delivered the session – and on the way. She worked in a hotel in Turkey – her heroine smiled. -Then I got a diploma and married a local man and stayed forever.

Vera is currently the Vice President of the Russian Society in Antalya, a coordinator for youth, and organizes business and family events for our Diaspora. He has lived in Turkey for 18 years and sometimes travels to his homeland.

– I did not go to Russia for a long time in the summer. I usually come in the winter when it snows. Of course, the weather in Turkey is very different at this time – it is raining – Vera remembers. – Being Russian is important to me. My son was born here. You can live abroad, but love your country and be useful to it, take care of the Russian language and introduce foreigners to our diversity.

Similar characteristics

We have a lot in common with the Turks. We are two hospitable people, always ready to help each other. They are interested in our culture. They have schools of instruction in Russian, there are Olympiad for children on the knowledge of the works of Russian authors.

– The boys learned Corney Chukovsky’s poems, performed with them, wrote exams. And books written in Russian are a gift to the winners, ”said Alkas. – In addition, we had Russian culture days. The townspeople listen to songs, watch dances and, even if they do not know the language, admire, shout “Bravo”. Cultural exchange is very important.

Social activities help Vera not to forget her native language. Together with activists, she celebrates all our holidays and creates her own.

I do not eat better food

When a woman comes home, the custom is to visit the monastery. At home, you can enjoy your favorite foods – sausage, pork, honey and, of course, mom borscht.

There is no pork in Turkey. Pieces are made from pureed meat, such as beef. The taste is really different from what we know, but you get used to it. But I never understood their spice. I will take mine with me. ”The woman smiled.

She also takes it with herbal tea, buckwheat honey and pine oil. “You can’t get better than us,” Vera said. But the dishes are similar to Russian, the Turks use many grains, for example, they cook beans or make lentil soup.

– This dish has recently become popular in Russia. Turks are for a healthy diet, there are many home-cooked restaurants in the food courts, but there are also hamburgers, pizzas and French fries.

Respect for traditions

Alkas believes that it is possible to emigrate to another country under certain circumstances or from youth, foolishness. My mother was shocked to learn that she had decided to move.

The woman recalls, “Then she came to visit me, she swam in the warm sea, she looked at the situation and reconciled herself.”

Vera has no setbacks, but she has achieved a lot in Turkey, and she does not want to start empty-handed in her home country.

Vera says: “I used to live in a foreign country. – For my daughter and me, a trip home is always a holiday. There are no children’s theaters as usual in Turkey, and the circus cannot compete with us. So we are building our traditional way.

In a Muslim country resort, there are no strict restrictions on clothing. Of course, there are women who wear the hijab, and there are those who wear the European canon. At the same time, Vera is responsible for visiting more secure areas.

“Culture must be respected. If the Turks do not eat during the holy month of Ramadan from sunrise to sunset, it will be unusual for them to carry sandwiches along the way. Moreover, the post is noticed by 90% of residents. And if closed clothes come to you, be kind, follow the rules, says Vera.

She remembers that Turkish women have recently changed, they are more free. In the past it was not uncommon to take children to clubs, but now the halls are overcrowded.

– Our Russian girls started to open classes, they were mostly Russian, and now 50 to 50. Moreover, the quality and quantity of teaching is increasing. If this is a ballet school, then two large halls are a must.

Holiday feeling

Time will change everything in this country, and even the view of the holidays. When Vera was in Turkey for the first year, she could not find Christmas decorations. She enjoyed it as a child on a small candle, and now the holiday is celebrated here as much as in Russia.

– Everything around is in tin, artificial Christmas trees, balls. The people weren’t even surprised by Santa Claus and the snowman, Vera recalls that they were willing to take pictures with them.

During this time, wedding customs also changed. Residents began organizing mass field registrations and producing photo shoots on the streets.

“This is a fusion of cultures. Our Russian photographers began to make such arrangements, and the Turks took it. But this is amazing: how to find such beauty outside the window, go to the stage shots in the photo studio, Vera asks.

Social security

Our countrymen consider Russia as a country of social security. Her friends were surprised that the ambulance had arrived, despite the man’s high blood pressure.

– We have a wide range of specialists, and in Turkey, for example, there is a pediatric orthopedist who goes to the points. Guess what kind of record he has? Vera notes.

She never practiced local medicine. Yes, the centers are equipped with modern equipment, but the treatment methods are different. Even with the common cold, doctors immediately prescribe antibiotics, they have no concept of “traditional medicine”.

– When I was the leader of the animation team at the hotel, the animator got sick. I made herbal tea with honey. You should have seen the expression! He asked, “Does this really help?” He asked. I replied, “Cry instead!”

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