Russia’s stock market plunged sharply in recent weeks.

Russia’s stock market plunged sharply in recent weeks.

Moscow Exchange
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The Moscow Stock Exchange ended in red on Friday, January 21, in the wake of the negative volatility in the global financial markets. Both major Russian indexes failed – the Moscow Exchange and the RTS.

According to Finmarket, the Moscow Exchange Index fell by 2.18% to 3439.25 points from 18:50 Moscow time. The RTS index fell 3.36% in the day to 1401.88 points.

Analysts note that US stocks opened in red on Friday. There has been a decline in the stock market in Europe. With the exception of Hong Kong Hong Kong, almost all major Asian indexes have shown negative volatility. Oil prices continue to plummet.

According to the results of the week, the Russian stock market showed a significant decline, Prime notes. For a week, it immediately fell by 4.4%.

Russia’s major stock indexes fell sharply on Tuesday, January 18, 2020, since the start of the cholera epidemic. The Moscow Stock Exchange index fell 6.5% to 3328.94 points. The RTS dollar index fell 7.29% to 1367.45 points.

When the trade opened on January 19, the Moscow Stock Exchange index fell more than 2 percent. The Moscow Exchange Index, with additional code (IMOEX2), fell 2.25% to 3254.08 points at 9 a.m. Moscow time on Wednesday. Returned at the 9 ፡ 44 index to 3278.27 points (-1.52%).

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