Perfect Chicken Soup – From Andrey Velichka Recipe – Recipe –

Perfect Chicken Soup – From Andrey Velichka Recipe – Recipe –

It is the basis of any soup. The basis of many soups. And in general, delicious and rich soups are always a holiday.

You can cook Perfect chicken broth? If so, read the article anyway. If not, read on!

It is no secret that the taste of any food is made from the taste of imported ingredients. The sum of the quality and freshness of the product, the filling of the soups, the professionalism of the cook and the availability of the necessary equipment multiplied. If the chef tries hard, good food will make good food. And never, ever, will people believe that they can cook good food from bad products and that this is a cooking skill. Obviously, these advertisers do not know what sweetness means!

Everything is very simple – it is very difficult to prepare a good chicken noodle soup, for example, whipped cream soup from the outside. Baking Pizza Margarita From the author’s mash with cream sauce, sausage and what God knows. Cooking the perfect steak is much more difficult than cooking an expensive plate on a plate filled with starch and flour. Simple food is very difficult, because you can not hide the real taste in such things. Do not hide.

So, my next recipe is a recipe for the right chicken soup. It is the basis of any soup. The basis of many soups. And in general, delicious and rich soups are always a holiday. The dish is universal, popular with all of us, and allows you to do this when you are looking for and eating, not when you need it, but by cooling the soup a little.

Inputs drop-

1 chicken or chicken

1 large or 2 medium carrots

2 medium onions

1 small parsley root or parsnip (optional)

Spices (birch leaf, black pepper and alfalfa)

Fragrant greens – half a peach or dolce leaf

To taste salt


Step 1

Prepare materials and supplies. It is known that there are several types of soups depending on the taste and richness of the color. And if you want a simple taste and color, then it’s called a simple soup. Next – there are yellow and brown spots. In the first case, only vegetables are baked or fried. When cooking brown soup – both vegetables and meats are baked, the soup turns dark, fragrant. No wonder the French have a special name for this soup – smoke. What does smoking mean?

But let’s move on to theory and get back to our yellow net.

Counting. The pan should not be wide, but high. why? Everything is simple – the water should not boil too quickly. The smaller the floor, the slower the evaporation will be.

The chicken or chicken itself should be cut and washed thoroughly. The better we wash it, the easier it will be.

Rinse the meat with cold water. We take 3 liters of water per kilogram of meat in a ratio of 1: 3. And put on high heat to boil.

Step 2

How to be transparent? Two reasons are important. First – during the fermentation process, it is important to carefully and accurately remove the sound – the attached proteins rise to the top. Second, the soup should not be overcooked. It is important to adjust the temperature, as soon as it boils, reduce the heat immediately and the boil will bubble.

like this? Slightly boiling when air bubbles appear. Such a boil is suitable, because the meat is prepared, and at the same time the liquid remains clear.

When is salt? I do this an hour after it boils. Salt, both mineral and chemical, makes it easy to extract flavor elements from the meat.

How often do you cook? I prepare domestic chicken for 3-4 hours, adult chicken – 4-6 hours.

Step 3

Prepare vegetables and spices for cooking. You are now frying the soup for two hours. Now is the time to prepare the vegetables.

I recommend chopping carrots and onions for a rich flavor and cooking in a saucepan without oil. To the black of the character, to the clear caramelization. And you can not peel the onion completely – the color will be more golden in the soup.

Vegetables can be discarded. As for the spices, they should be added to the soup almost at the end – half an hour before the end of cooking.

By the way, the French came up with an interesting and convenient option for these extras. Wrapping everything in a bandage, they tied the bag to the pan and sent it for decoration. It is important to remove it – simply grab the cord – and voy. But since we are still refining the soup, this abduction is not entirely useful to us.

Step 4

We will filter. First, make sure the meat is ready. The broth boiled for 7 hours and I found adult sports chickens. Of course, sometimes 2-2.5 hours of cooking is enough for a domestic chicken. Try to carefully remove the meat from the soup spoon. The more you spend, the more appetite you will have.

Then everything is simple – in several layers you get a colander or sieve with gas, and as a result you get a wonderful clear golden soup. Due to the roasted vegetables, it is very nutritious and not easy. And because of its fragrant herbs and spices, it certainly stimulates appetite.

It now remains to cool. And the biggest hijacking of my life was pouring the frozen soup into half a liter of plastic water bottles and throwing it in the fridge. Perfect room for two. And if you want chicken soup with noodles – 20 minutes and you’re done! You need to make soup – you can always use ready-made soup! We decided to make the soup – please, you already have a delicious soup, high quality soup base!

By the way, if you add a slice of ginger to the soup, you will get an excellent Asian kind of soup!

enjoy your meal!

Andrei Velichko, one of the few chefs in Ukraine, is the creator of the “new French cuisine” educated at the Paul Boxing Institute.

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