okroshka What kind of soups can be replaced: Myasnikov Answers |  Moscow

okroshka What kind of soups can be replaced: Myasnikov Answers | Moscow


Cold soup can contain unexpected foods

Moscow, June 5, Federal Press. Dr. Myasnikov talks about five cold soups from different countries that can be replaced by Russian okroshka in the summer.

Spanish gazpacho

The rich tomato flavor and aroma of fresh herbs are the hallmarks of the ancient Gazpacho. This food does not contain animal fats, so it can be eaten by vegans and vegetarians. To make a cold soup you will need tomatoes, red peppers, herbs and garlic.

Low-calorie, many vitamins. And most importantly, it contains lycopene, which is used to prevent prostate cancer, ”said Dr. Myasnikov.

Belarusian holodnik

Refreshingly cool rich beetroot color and taste, Belarusian holodnik. To cook at home, you need to buy eggs, eggs and pumpkins. Vesti writes that Alexander Myannikov’s bees contained antioxidants.

Cush soup on Iran

Cold Soup from Sweet-Milk Iran Bright Taste and Easy Vegetable Note: Radish, Dewich, Garlic. This soup helps to improve digestion.

Bulgarian tarator

This soup is loved in tart kefir and almond flavors in Bulgaria and northern Macedonia. In fact, for cooking, you need kefir, garlic, herbs and your favorite fruits.

“Peanuts reduce bad cholesterol. They have a lot of antioxidants and vitamins,” said Dr. Maisnikov.

Fruit soup

When making a cold soup, you can show your imagination and add your favorite fruits and vegetables: melon, strawberry, cherry or vinegar. You can fill the soup with water or cream.

Recently, the Federal Press spoke of soups that will save us during the hot summer months.

Photo: Alexander Makarov (Russian version) globallookpress.com

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