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News, cooking, soup, tips, food, cooking, cooking

Potato soup is one of the most important ingredients in making soup.

However, root vegetables cannot be called very useful: they have a high calorie content and a high glycemic index.

In addition, replacing this product with another allows you to add the desired type to the menu at no extra cost.

What foods can be added to soups:

1. Lentils.

Thanks to this type of bean, soups are more satisfying and healthy. Lentils are rich in protein and make them “welcome” in our menu.

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The inclusion of lentils in the soup depends on the type of lentils, because some varieties quickly turn into puree, while others take longer.

2. Zucchini.

Not all housewives know that zucchini is ideal for preparing delicious and healthy first courses. This vegetable makes the soup healthier.

You will need to add half a kilo of zucchini for regular soup service.

They must be cleaned, washed and cut.

Zucchini fried with other vegetables or sent to the soup in pure form.

3. Any vegetable mixture.

You can find a large number of frozen vegetables in stores. You can choose any combination of useful products.

The cold is known to save the whole complex of vitamins and nutrients.

The manufacturer indicates the characteristics of a specific blend preparation on the packaging.

4. Pumpkin.

With this product you can cook real “harvest” soup, which will be delicious and healthy. It is advisable to take 100 to 300 grams of pumpkin per serving.

It can be pre-fried with onions and carrots to make the taste more intense and interesting.

5. Jerusalem artichoke.

This product is considered by many to be the most delicious food in the world.

Jerusalem artichoke has a mild neutral taste and can easily be replaced by potatoes.

By the way, this product in the soup goes well with celery.

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