News Aktau – How to cook delicious and clear chicken soup: The trick of experienced housewives

News Aktau – How to cook delicious and clear chicken soup: The trick of experienced housewives

Even the most experienced housewives do not get sweet and clear soup. There seems to be no easy place, what to cook there? But you need to work hard or know these techniques to get the desired result.
We will tell you a few secrets. Remember, the taste of the soup depends on the products we prepare. So it is better to buy chicken from the local farmers than to buy it in a shop. It must be burned after purchase. In an urban setting, a gas burner in the kitchen is used for this.

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If it is not possible to buy home-made chicken, you will need it when you buy it in the store and when you get home Soak it in clean, cold water for about two hours.

Then they are burned, and then the soup tastes like homemade chicken. This is the first method.

Cut vegetables for the soup: Carrots, onions, Bulgarian pepper if desired and fry everything in a saucepan until golden brown. Send the mattress to the pot, fill it with cold water, reduce the meat and start cooking. This is the second method. Water should be added to the cooker, it should be cool.

As soon as the soup starts to boil, do not spit and remove the balance. And then reduce the heat slightly. The soup should not be boiled too much.And boil it a little in a saucepan.

Chicken should be cooked for at least an hour.Then the taste of the soup will be rich and fragrant.

The third trick is to cook the soup, cover the pan with a lid and add salt only at the end of cooking.

As a result, you get a much sweeter, clearer soup.

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