Myasnikov on post-covide syndrome – video

Myasnikov on post-covide syndrome – video

Myasnikov about post-covide syndrome

Post-Covide Syndrome, Bird Positioning, Blood Groups, and Exercises in the Right Nutrition: This and more were discussed in a new episode of Dr. Myasnikov’s program on Russian 1 television station, Dr. and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov. .

In the “Simple Truths” column, a well-known doctor talks about Covide-19 disease and the postoperative covide syndrome. There are no magic pills for postpartum coronary syndrome, Myasnikov emphasizes – and most importantly, do not take anticoagulants, hormones, antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription.

“A lot of people were taking these powerful drugs from the indicators.“Mayasnikov warns.

Another simple truth is if your memory has deteriorated or your sense of smell has worsened after suffering from CVD-19, then practice these exercises. Anyway, the sense of smell comes back, when the question is, the doctor says. They want it earlier – the train.

Feeling sad, tired? Walk, train your sleep, go to bed and get up early, do regular gymnastics and remember: all this is temporary.

And most importantly, Myasnikov’s concern is that’s-post-covide syndrome is an isolation test. There are some bad symptoms – you need to get tested. “If you can’t find anything, we can say, ‘Yes, this is after Kovid.’ As Mysnikov repeatedly points out, you can relate your patient’s poor health to his or her age and weather: this is a source of medical errors. Do not miss any of the symptoms – If you have been out of covad for more than 2-3 months, look for another reason for your poor health.

How to reduce the risk of seizures after cochlear-covide syndrome? Vaccination, according to Myasnikov.

He says there are some interesting things that can be done: firstly, it protects against severe covarial process, and secondly, vaccinated people have a very small percentage of postoperative syndrome.

“So the vaccine will be annual – against covalent and flu. I think it will be in one injection. I think this is a matter that will be seen soon.”Says Myasnikov.

He himself recommends that the elderly and infirm be vaccinated.

In the traditional section “Food Secrets” Myasnikov talks about the place of poultry in the proper diet. In his opinion the most delicious bird is the duck, but the most important is the chicken.

The bird, like the doctor, contains almost all the trace elements that doctors know and recommend – from selenium to zinc – many biologically active substances and vitamins.

That is, poultry is different from meat, especially since the microelements in it are higher than meat, and the caloric content and harm of red meat are never found in it.

For a balanced diet, Myasnikov recommends chicken breast – or guinea fowl, turkey, quail – and most boiled.

You need to eat a bird without skin – it contains all the cholesterol, it is very fat, very high-calorie and very harmful, says Myasnikov. And tanning is just beauty. Chicken soup helps with colds, Myasnikov is sure, and in baby food, according to him, it is better to use turkey or chicken.

Responding to questions from observers, Myasnikov warns against taking large doses of pharmaceutical preparations with vitamin C, for example, high doses of artificial vitamin C can cause kidney stones. And although they do contain a large amount of vitamins found in fruits and vegetables, this does not prevent the spread of infectious diseases, in some cases – although it may reduce the duration of the disease to some extent.

In the new edition of the program Alexander Myasnikov talks about blood types – according to him today doctors know only 43, until recently doctors only knew 35, and an ordinary person, as a rule, knows only four.

Blood type contains genetic information – this is a reflection of human genetics, explains Myasnikov. We cannot change blood type, but, knowing, it is possible to consider which diseases should be more protected.

In the last part of the program, a well-known doctor and TV presenter talks about the importance of a sense of balance and some experiences for this. It is recommended to start a balanced exercise from an early age. With the help of very simple exercises you can start a balance of training – for example, trying to stand on one leg. And gradually complicate them, Maisnikov advises.

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