Morel Season: Where to try mushroom risotto, steak and pizza?

Morel Season: Where to try mushroom risotto, steak and pizza?

The first spring mushrooms in the city’s restaurants are already being prepared with vigor and swimming. You can combine it with anything – from meat and dough to seafood, vegetables and grains. We have 15 options for mushroom dishes in Moscow, which is worth trying before the end of the season.

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Tagliatelle with Morels, 1250 rubles.

Production Chef Luigi Mani gave a short but powerful menu to the main spring mushrooms. They cook four dishes with Morerell: Potato Gretin, Risotto, Pasta and Brushta – the last two are particularly successful. Signature Appetizer Gray-loaf bread made with homemade ricotta, truffle oil, parmesan and mushrooms for two lunches: demi-glaze and garlic. Homemade pasta lovers have a wide variety of trolley with Morere in soup based on thyme, parsley, garlic and chicken broth.

Where to try
Malaya Bronya, 20A


Truffle ailaj by Morels and Pistasius, 890 rubles.

The recently opened restaurant menu on Trubnaya is often overcrowded. For example, three weeks ago they had a wonderful breakfast – Iranian scrambled eggs and porridge were especially successful with Fejoa Jam – and a few days later they started frying small kebabs. At the same time, ice cream (in other words, cheese Homini) has been prepared here since its opening, and this is definitely one of the main dishes on the menu. The service is very small, but at the same time satisfying due to the thick corn porridge, which includes rosemary, trout and a lot of cheese. Roasted molasses and sliced ​​pistachios are placed on top of the mushroom soup.

Where to try
BC “The Legend of Tsvetnoy”, Tsvetnoy Blvd., 2


Morel soup with vinegar cream, 720 lbs.

They came with a different old Russian menu in Ukvat. Recipe for Russian emperors, product chef Victor Bailey to Pavel Suitkin, a candidate of history science and a Russian food historian. The first course looks very modern – bright wild mushroom flavored classic cream soup with spicy cream and a few Morerell. Like other dishes in the restaurant, the soup is prepared because it has been in the Russian oven for a long time.

Where to try
BC “Tryokhgornaya manufactory”, Rochdelskaya, 15, Building 41

800 ° Contemporary Steak

Burger with Morels, 1190 rubles.

The name of the restaurant So in the current menu with morels, Chef Sergei Balashov focuses primarily on the combination of mushrooms with meat. For a hot meal, take a deep frill with a parsnip puree or large burger with beef, cheddar and turmeric broth – don’t forget to add spring mushrooms to it and cover with soft brioche coffee.

Where to try
Bolshevik Patriarch B., 6, Building 1

Cantinetta Antinori

Risotto with Peas and Morels, 1800 Rebels.

Italian restaurant Novikov Group is not limited to two seasonal venues and brings seven fresh dishes with spring mushrooms. Green risotto with pea and chili sea bass filling is especially good in appearance and filling. They put in a little fish, but that’s not the main thing here – soft rice with beans and peas attracts all the attention. Serve with really hungry, fried scallops, hazelnuts and truffles, as well as with Morels.

Where to try
Money Line, 20


Roasted Potatoes with Onion, 390 rubles, Roasted Morris, 790 rubles / 100 g.

Morell can meet any meal in Matriyoshka. For example, they roast fresh potatoes and serve them in a frying pan, or they cook roasted porridge and eggs with milk and butter. The dough is rolled out first, then dried, baked in the oven, and finally boiled.

Potatoes are definitely an all-encompassing option, but if you suddenly want something unusual, take a buckwheat noodle broth with Morerell and Mushroom. For her, the flour is made from cracked buckwheat, weakened and cut into large pieces with ready-made dough. Morris is fried, and the soup is made from porcini mushrooms, Morel leg, sherry and cognac.

Where to try
Kutuzovsky Prospect, 2/1, Building 6


Cabbage Rolls by Morel Kus, 1790 r.

The combination of meat and mushrooms is rarely achieved, and ground beef is a special treat with a thin layer of creamy mushroom broth. The dish itself is very simple: cabbage rolls are prepared according to ancient recipes and are mixed with molasses, thyme, cream and red wine.

Where to try
Central Room Store, Petrovka, 2nd, 5th floor

Bosco Cafe

Dorada with Morels, 2250 r.

The restaurant offers a large spring menu, not only for the guests, but also for asparagus, young green peas, rabbits and a variety of seafood. When it comes to mushroom novels you can find classics like fettuccine or risotto and a delightful white fish variety. Dorado is out, loaded with asparagus and Morel pillows and generously sprinkled with almonds.

Where to try
GUM, Red Square, 3rd, 1st floor, 1st floor

Il Forno

Pizza with shrimp and Morels, 1510 rubles.

Mushrooms are often added to mushroom pizza, but now there is an opportunity to try Italian delicacies with wild mushrooms. In addition to them, there are shrimp, fresh spinach and, of course, many viscous mozzarella. The sides of the pizza are thin and crisp; If you are not a fan of empty dough, this option is for you.

Where to try
Ostozenka, 3/14


Calamurata, Morels, 1490 r.

There is a lot of creamy mushroom broth in the pasta – Morerell, Shallot, Parsi, Cream, Chicken Sauce, Shea Butter and Parmesan. It flows into the pasta, so the excess does not spread throughout the plate, and each bite becomes very juicy. The dish is up-to-date, so hurry up to order Kalalamarata before the end of spring.

Where to try
Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 21/18, Building 1


Cake with Morels, 830 rubles.

Roasted molasses with wild garlic, pickled mushroom broth, spinach and duck bone broth. When served, the dish is topped with peppercorns and topped with duck bone. By the way, the flour is made by ourselves: it turns out to be crumbly, thin and pleasantly crisp.

Where to try
Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 5


Halibut with mashed potatoes and molasses, 1100 rubles.

In the hot menu of the current Assent menu, they offer a choice for meat eaters and fish lovers. The first is a file minnie with asparagus and the second with halibut with mashed potatoes – both places are served with fragrant thick broth and molasses. Before the main course, you can take a snack: green salad with broccoli or beef carpacio – all with mushrooms.

Where to try
Kropotkinsky per., 7, Building 1


Morel Steak, 2890 rubles.

Voronezh beef at Khudozhestvenny Cinema serves beef with asparagus, onions and Steppe Morrell. The dish is delicious and perfect for a special evening – the service and the price match. And if you want to eat perfectly beautiful, complete your order with sterlet soup with black caviar and pavlova with strawberry.

Where to try
Arbatskaya Square, 14, Building 1


Chicken by Morel, 3500 Rebels.

The chicken room is really big – Chef Ruslan Polyakov cooks whole farm chicken on the charcoal, adds fried moringa and sprinkles with demi glyce sauce. Even if you are very hungry, it will not be easy to eat everything alone, it is better to take your loved ones with you and order food for the table. Freshly baked bread also comes with fragrant butter.

Where to try
Malaya Bronnaya, 21/13


Risotto with Morels and Straxitella, 1750 r.

The risotto was very creamy and full. Two types of cheese, parmesan and stracciatella, and a portion of Morellus, uncooked, but completely preserved – so the appearance of the mushroom is pleasantly elastic. Like all restaurant restaurants, when the sun sets on the 22nd floor of May, the risotto can be eaten.

Where to try
Azimut Moscow Smolenskaya, Smolenskaya, 8

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