Maria Pogrebib reveals her diet

Maria Pogrebib reveals her diet

“I eat three times a day without eating.”

Maria, the wife of Pavel Porebrebniak, a blogger, designer, and socialist, appeared on the red carpet for the first time in Russian films. The model shared some insights about her life with MK. Blanda, who has shown remarkably slim waist again, admits that she will eat in a special way. But her husband does not suffer from malnutrition.

“Now it’s summer, you can make vegetable salads. For example, with fish, chicken breast. My day can start with breakfast, lunch, scrambled eggs. Vegetable soup, chicken breast and salad, dinner is the same as lunch, only without soup. I eat three meals a day without snacks, so I do not exercise regularly because I do not have the opportunity to eat with me. But if you train your body to eat every three hours, the right food may not be with you and you want to eat fast food. When I’m at work, my mom helps me prepare food. I also have a couple who come twice a week. – I prepare meat, steak, mashed potatoes for my wife, he loves borscht. By the way, I have a very tasty borscht. I, perhaps, want that too, but I have discipline as an athlete. I can still cook a lot of delicious food and not eat it. “

It is no secret that, like many other conflicts, stargazing families are a recurring theme. For some, it may end up in the media for a long time. M.K.» He also asked how to resolve disputes in this sports family.

“Then we are two scorpions Raising children, I constantly argued with my wife about business matters. Ah so, family breakdown. But we do not break the plates, we are all good people, we resolve issues through negotiation. And I only talk to children. If they mess up somewhere, they’ll tell me right away, ”said Porgrebniak.

A.D. Published on June 2, 2022, Moskovsky Komsomolets No. 28795.

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