Lenten Menu by VDNKh |  VDH

Lenten Menu by VDNKh | VDH

The National Exhibition invites everyone to try the Lenten dishes featured in VDNKh in cafes, restaurants and other catering establishments. Guests at the exhibition are looking forward to both gastronomic novelties and favorite dishes.

The Tau Restaurant, located at Pavilion No. 311 Sciences, has prepared a full Lunch menu for the exhibition guests, including a variety of recipes, salads, first and second courses and desserts. Here you can try salad with buckwheat noodles and tofu cheese, green pasta or pasta with vegetables, coconut milk, burger with soy, potato pancakes. For dessert – apple pie and almond biscuits.

Foods with original additives are offered at the Moscow Sky Restaurant. Vegetable salad on the menu with apples and grilled mills, salad with almond cheese, green pea soup with rose tomatoes, zucchini spaghetti with coconut-cinnamon broth, sweet shrimp with egg caviar.

At J Wedding Cafe Vinagrett is served with sunflower seeds, and pumpkin soup with lemon grass. Traditional Georgian cuisine is served to guests with fresh and baked vegetables: egg rolls, pkhali with beets or beans, ajapsandal (Georgian stew) and jonjoli (cold dish).

At Anderson and Dacha Cafe, guests will be served a delicious dish of mango-flavored fruit with kiwi, banana, chia, cache, beeswax and coconut flax for breakfast. For lunch or dinner – Cauliflower Steak, Vegetable Patty Burger, Gluten-Free Penny Roasted Oyster Mushrooms and Mushroom Sauce with Pumpkin Pasta and other treats. Guests will be served fried potatoes with their favorite mushrooms.

In a cafe-restaurant, “Vse Laziness” is served as an informal Lenten dish with sesame chips with walnuts, Cheese Hams as guests. City Farm Cafe at VDNKh offers lentil soup with mint, minstron (Italian vegetable soup), vegetable stew. Pizza with vegetables, pasta prepared at the Mama Italia Cafe.

At the VDencke Restaurant at Lucumade Cafe, guests of the exhibition will be given the Greek donut of the same name – Lukumades, from yeast dough and deep fried. They are usually made with powdered sugar, honey and cinnamon, and eaten with a fork or hung on a skewer.

Many gastrointestinal institutions in VDNKh produce coffee drinks based on vegetable milk. Guests can choose from coconut, almond, soy milk. Cafe ROSIZO (Pavilion “Books”) offers coffee drinks with bananas, oatmeal, strawberries and hazelnuts.

Gastronomic services in VDNKh are constantly being improved. The exhibition will feature more than 170 restaurants, cafes and other catering, with a variety of formats and pricing, as well as food from around the world.

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