Kiki Gastrospes opens in Tel Aviv.  “Paper”

Kiki Gastrospes opens in Tel Aviv. “Paper”

Berlin-style gastrointestinal space Kiki reported opening on Television Street 8-10 “Paper” Project representatives. During the day, you can have lunch or a business meeting there, and in the evening electronic music events will be held in the facility.

Kiki Gastronomic concept was developed on the basis of affordable street food from different countries, and there is no meat in all dishes by Chef Mark Korobsov. for example, Donor Served with roasted halomiimi cheese and served with Turkish Ramadan bread.

In addition, in the establishment you can try red lentil soup, gnocchi porcini mushrooms, humus with pickles and other layouts. Guests can enjoy wine, lemon and African-inspired cocktails in Swahili.

More information can be found on Instagram.

Menu prices

Doner with halloumi – 320 ₽

Tomato soup – 350 ₽

Cabbage Steak – 300 ₽

Potatoes with Parmesan – 250 ₽

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