In the heat, what could be better than Iranian and soy-milk products in general?  ::  Community ::  AVA.MD

In the heat, what could be better than Iranian and soy-milk products in general? :: Community :: AVA.MD

Okroshka is a favorite food of many in the summer. The famous TV presenter Alexander Maisnikov loves Okroshka, but he is not in a hurry to resist other cold soups.

In the new edition of the program, the doctor personally tried five soups – options for okroshka. And reviewed every meal along the way.

It was the first Gazpacho online, a traditional Spanish chilli tomato with kitchen peppers, served with bread.

“Sweet, Cool and Low-Calorie”The doctor commented.

Tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene, which is believed to protect against prostate cancer, just like other red vegetables. - Photographer: Valeria Burdyka

Next, the TV presenter tried the Belarusian Holodnik. This is a cold vegetable soup made with beets or sorrel.

“It is also very low in calories.– Myasnikov praised, – Yes, sugar is made from beets, yes, it is pure carbohydrates, but in my opinion, beets contain 40 calories per 100 grams. By the way, in strawberry or pear..

Beets also contain antioxidants and serve as an indicator of iron deficiency. The color in this plant interacts with the metal and is neutral. But if there is a small amount of iron in the body, then the color comes out of the urine, which is why it gets red or pink.

The TV presenter praised the Iranian soup kitchen.

“In the heat, what could be better than iron and soy-milk products in general? This is a good” prerequisite “for proper digestion, and it is delicious, and accordingly, there is a sea of ​​vitamins.Alexander said.

In addition, the doctor tasted the Bulgarian soup tarantula. It is made with pure milk, fresh vegetables and fruits.

“Walnuts soften the taste, make this soup more satisfying. Peanuts are high in calories.Myasnikov said.

Meanwhile, the benefits of almonds outweigh the caloric content – they contain vegetable proteins and potassium, many antibacterials and vitamins, as well as lower “bad” cholesterol and increase “good”. - Photographer: solod_sha

For sweetness, the drug tried fruit soup. However, the plate received not only praise but also criticism:

“There are strawberries, whipped cream and sugar – that is, severe damage. But it tastes so good, it tastes so good here. ”.

Meanwhile, Myasnikov recognized the benefits of strawberries. It contains antioxidants, fiber and vitamins.

But all of the benefits of this soup are outweighed by milk fat and high sugar. The doctor recommends preparing such foods only from raw berries or fruits, without harmful additives.


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