How to make chicken soup in 20 minutes

How to make chicken soup in 20 minutes

If you want to cook something fast, soups are irreplaceable. The simplest soup can be turned into a million different soups, and you can steam the cereal on it or so. Liybov Safonova, chef, shares how to make the right chicken soup in 20 minutes and overnight.

Where does the recipe come from?

When I grew up and decided it was time to move from Moscow to St. Petersburg, my father gave me the book “Hidden Kitchen” by journalist Anatoly Golovkov. Although the author is not a chef, “Kitchen Without Secrets” is a true guide to how to eat a varied, satisfying, delicious and at the same time economical.

The book is incredibly helpful. It contains instructions on how to eat and feed your favorite cat if you live alone. A whole room is set up to receive guests and to receive guests. One of my favorite chapters is how to properly bring your new wife to bed for breakfast. The author not only talks about serving but also how to make a tray for such an event. Unfortunately, because of gender and sexual orientation, it is unlikely that I will ever have a young wife, and you can buy a cool tray at IKEA. So the main finding for me is that chicken soup can be cooked in 20 minutes.

You say, “What? In 20 minutes? It can’t cook!” And you’re right. And it is a delicious, tasty soup that does not require any effort.Yes, the soup does not cook for 20 minutes, but it does it all night or all day without you, you can do it on its own.

If you seal the pot well, it will heat up for a very long time. I have been preparing for breakfast for the evening. The thought that everything was ready and I just needed a cup immediately lifted me out of bed.


– Chicken – 1 pc.
– A little onion in a bowl – 1 pc.
– Carrots – Half a medium size carrot
– Salt – to taste

If you do not have a pan for a whole chicken, boil the soup from the back or breast (or half of the breast). Wings can be added to the soup (so it will be richer) or baked with the legs.


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