How can a father with many children live, his wife died in Pervovalsk Maternity Hospital

How can a father with many children live, his wife died in Pervovalsk Maternity Hospital

It has been almost a year since the accident at the Pernital Center in Pervoralsk. In July 2021, the mother of several children died there. Irina Zavertiava gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Revda. Immediately after giving birth, the woman began to bleed. Irina is not saved. Husband Pavel is left alone with four children (there is also Irina’s son, but he is already an adult).

“We have to live somehow,” says Pavel Zavertev. Photo // E1
-I called my daughter Valerian as my wife wanted. I wanted to call Tanya. And if nothing happened, I persuaded Irina – but there was no one to convince me, “Pavel Zavartyev told E1 Portal reporters.

A father with many children, an assistant driver at a diesel locomotive, going on maternity leave, simply had no other choice. Can’t find a babysitter, no one to sit with little Lera (only relatives of the deceased, Irina, and an elderly mother looking for herself).

Pavel now receives childcare allowance – 18 thousand rubles (40% of salary). The surviving children retired. The St. Catherine Foundation helps with personal hygiene products. Zavertyaevs’ house is clean and comfortable. The family needs nothing. Pavel was even able to repay the loan. Photo // E1

As a child, little Lera was found to be free of problems. Sometimes naughty – when teeth are cut or weather. But in general, she sleeps peacefully at night, and her older sister Sonia likes to sit with her.

While the baby is sleeping during the day, Pavel oversees the household chores. Clean, cook soup (kids love borscht or chicken noodles), load things into the washing machine. He simply said that he did not make friends with the urinal – but really, he did not send the “squeezed” children to the necessary events. Supervises homework with older children (where he cannot cope, asks for help from relatives and neighbors).

“Every day is the same, but I do not worry about it. We manage. By the way, we have already been given a ticket to kindergarten. “I still have to leave Kindergarten. I need a nanny. After all, I have to go to work. I work for a year or two, then I take a loan, I buy a big apartment. Everything will be as planned with my wife.”

In January of this year, Irina Zavertiava was 36 years old. The deceased’s husband wants to know what happened at Pervovalsk Maternity Hospital.

The verdict in the criminal case has not yet been decided.

Recall that in July last year, Irina’s death shocked two cities. On the 5th day, Irina gave birth to little Leah. She said that the women in labor did not pay attention (so I wrote to Pavel in the messenger, screenshots of the message were attached to the case file). The woman suddenly began to bleed.

According to Victor Dolgushin, chief physician at Pervovalsk City Hospital at the time, the medical institution “all doctors” tried to save Irina Zavertiva.

“We had all the specialists and all the equipment, but it could not be saved.

The late Irina Zavertiava did not have many photographs. This – funny – is one of the few and favorite. Photo // Odnoklassniki


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