Green borscht recipe, grandparents cooked: you can sorrel, nettle

Green borscht recipe, grandparents cooked: you can sorrel, nettle

We well remember the lines of the song: “Green skies, red clouds – and the eclipse had no more color.” Of course, green is often the main color of June, and it is not too difficult to paint your dining table green – go out to nature for a while. The undeniable benefit of any green is that it is rich in vitamin C.

Many people associate the beginning of summer with the most popular Soviet recipe for green borscht (or cabbage soup), with young sorrel or nets added instead of cabbage. This dish has a rather tragic story – it is believed to have been invented in the post-war years, when famine reigned in the country – and housewives were forced to adapt everything around food. We do not know whether we like it or not, but the truth remains – the recipe is still alive and well. How to play?

1. Green borscht can be made vegetarian, but it still tastes better than the soup you prepared in advance. Chicken is so good – it tastes so much better than the fresh herbs.

2. It is good to use fresh vegetables for cooking – young carrots, onions and beans (you can do without beets, not cabbage soup, not borscht). Vegetables should be cut into thin slices and boiled in a small amount of oil.

3. Add 1-2 chopped fresh tomatoes. You can also use tomato paste, but for fresh tomatoes, the taste will be lighter and more summery.

4. Cut a couple of potatoes into cubes and toss in boiling broth. Bake for 7-10 minutes (until potatoes are tender).

5. Add the sauce to the pan.

6. Adding chopped sorrel is the last step: you need to immediately turn off the heat under the soup. With sorrel, add fresh herbs (dill and parsley). However, if you use pureed broth instead of sour cream, the broth should be cooked for another 5-7 minutes – the netted stem is stronger and rough, requiring longer heat treatment.

It is common to serve green borscht with vinegar and hard-boiled eggs – cut into cubes and immediately spread on plates.

By the way, the combination of boiled egg and sour cream is also useful for another dish based on young nets – a light salad. For the preparation, the nets should be soaked in boiling water first or for two minutes (of course not!) And then rinsed with cold water. After such a preparation, the greens are mixed with a sliced ​​fried egg and a half-cream dish with mayonnaise. You can decide on this, or you can add fresh pumpkin or young radish – it will be very summer!

Important Note: All of these recipes have come to us from the villages and city dwellers should be vigilant – even if you really want them, you should not collect net nets in the upstairs building or near the parking lot. By the way, it is better to go deeper into the forest. Otherwise there will be no benefit from the stove, serious damage.

This strange word “sleep”

The old adage says: You can’t stop madness – learn! These words seem to be used to describe the relationship of most summer residents to sleep deprivation. The most common is laconic Dreamweed salad. Fresh salad is prepared in the same way as described above – they combine the grass with boiled egg and sour cream.

An important rule is to use only a small amount of gout, otherwise it will not taste good. It can be eaten with the stem – before cooking, pour boiling water for two minutes: it is enough to soften the greens. By the way, the most canonical and traditional recipe is botvinya – an example of modern okroshka. Long summer ahead – why not mature?

– Boil 200-300 grams of goutweed in a way that suits you: Sweep through a sieve, punch or punch with a sharp knife.

– About 250 grams of sturgeon, salmon or other fish leaf, cut into large cubes and boiled in salted water.

– Peel 2-3 fresh pumpkins, finely chop the onion and green onion.

– Mix the ingredients and pour a liter of white kvass.

Separate vinegar, chopped horseradish, chopped boiled egg, rye bread, dry salt and ice cubes. Botswana often pours into the dish, and the person himself adds extra ingredients to his taste (this principle is familiar to people who frequent Vietnamese cafes – this is how phobo is served).

Gout lovers also use it to make scrambled eggs and omelets (pour over lightly beaten eggs in a pan) or to fill a pie (with fried onions and spices). If you want to cook fresh, the best chicken pieces are baked with gout. In this case, the herbs need to be slightly “colored” to make the soup more palatable and at the same time rich in vitamins.

– Cut the chicken into pieces and fry until golden brown. Place in an unheated bowl, in a heavy ceramic pot or pot.

– Pour in chicken, wine or tomato juice, for example, to completely cover the pieces. If you have nothing, pour boiling water over it – it “takes” a little flavor from the chicken and becomes very balanced. Add salt, spices to taste and leave on low heat for 30-40 minutes.

– 10 minutes before the end of cooking, add finely chopped chives and mix well. Exit to reach. Serve with any common side dish – rice or buckwheat.

We carry it in a bottle – we make wine from dandelions

Those who know the work of Ray Bradbury are well aware that the dandelion wine is kept in bottles for the summer and should be opened and tasted in such a winter on a cold winter day, where there is heavy snow and no one has ever seen the sun. Long time. Dandelion wine is indeed a metaphor and a literary image, but the author’s fans in far-flung America created an unwanted recipe several decades ago, which has been widely circulated on the Internet.

So only flowers are needed to make that very dandelion wine, from the stem and all the green parts in general (these are bitter and generally not eaten at all). About 100 flowers should be folded and poured into a pot

4 liters of boiling water. Leave for a day, and then strain through a cheesecloth, squeeze and remove the cake. The following ingredients are two lemons (without a stick) and raisins, which ensure fermentation, as well as 500 grams of sugar. You need to mix everything together in a decoction and leave it in a dark place for several days. When foam and bitterness appear, add another 500 grams of sugar and mix again. Then it’s time to remember the grandmothers’ recipes – pour the wine into a large glass bottle and put it on a medical glove with a hole in the neck. And leave the container in a cool place for 5-6 days, then add another 250 grams of sugar (melt in 250 ml of bananas). After that, the wine ripens for 25-60 days. The rubber glove is ready to greet you with joy!

However, it seems to be long and very difficult … there are other options as well. The closest thing to “dandelion wine” is the Italian drink ሩ Rucolino, which was never invented by literary admirers, which is primarily purchased as an unusual… but in vain, it is truly delicious! And it is not that difficult – it is acceptable to replicate at home (especially since Arugula grows actively and actively in Dhaka near Moscow). Does everyone know that Arugula is strictly the same dandelion? Therefore, the result will be closer to the truth! How does alcohol work?

1. Young Arugula Cut two clusters and grind with a little sugar – the grass should give juice. Sugar levels can vary (depending on how sweet the alcohol is).

2. Fill the grass with one liter of vodka and leave it in a cool, dark place for 10-14 days. You can use alcohol, but it should be about half.

3. The added drink will have a rich greenish-golden color. Filter and bottle it. If necessary, you can add a little sugar syrup (if you prefer sweet drinks). If you use alcohol, dilute the finished drink with the right amount of water.

By the way, if you plan to drink for a reason, the coloring is not necessary, but as part of the cocktails – ice, soda and arugula branches are placed at the bottom of the glass. Try decorating the edge of the glass with dandelion flowers (remember the stem juice is inedible!) And you may be inviting your friends to a party like Bradberry.

Well, if we are talking about wine, then Germets are sharing their advice on the Internet – they say that traditional Russian cuisine automatically (that is, typical of our country) will shine with new colors when combined with Russian white wine. Among the most popular grapes are ላይklaikovsky, Platovsky and Siberia. The latter, according to experts, was simply created to blend with the Russian summer “Dhaka” food.

“If you are wondering how to choose a wine for Central Russian cuisine with eggs and green onions, fresh pumpkins, garden radish, young potatoes with potatoes, strawberries from your own Dhaka … Take Siberian, appreciate it! Shared in.

Well, lovers of soft drinks, there is a successful modern recipe – from goutweed smoothies. To prepare it, boil 200 grams of goutweed in boiling water and then add the finely chopped greens and a large fresh pumpkin (previously peeled) to a blender. Grind the vegetables until soft, then add 100 ml of cold natural yogurt and a few flaxseed seeds – this is a healthy and very seasonal summer cocktail!


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