Glucose Girl showed how to make an unusual cheese cream soup

Glucose Girl showed how to make an unusual cheese cream soup

The singer came to the Olga Buzova show with her 14-year-old heir to cook at home better than her mother.

Family Cooking: Glucose is a simple vegetable cream soup based on her daughter's recipe
Olga Buzova and Glucose with her daughter. Photo: Star Social Networks

Natalia Cystyakova-Anova, also known as Glucose, has been performing on stage for many years. At the beginning of her career, she hid her identity. Later, however, he went out and starred in Yerarash.

She is happily married to a businessman and is raising her daughters Lydia and Vera. The 35-year-old actress continues to impress fans with her slim figure. She also works in films.

But the other day Glucose took part in the show “Buzova in the Kitchen”. She also appeared in the studio with her eldest daughter, who also sang. Lydia has blue hair. She prefers to be called Ray.

In Olga Buzova’s kitchen, she was the artist’s heir to prepare a cream soup according to her recipe. The girl said she once wanted to cook vegetable cream soup with cheese and made it from products in the fridge.

“I was shocked at how she learned to cook. And this is despite the fact that we have special people who cook at home, ”admits Glucose.

They are used for cooking: celery, tomatoes, carrots, onions, lemon garlic, chicken, broccoli, turmeric, oregano, herbs, olive oil, butter, cream cheese. It was also bok choy, but Lydia was known to like it very much, but this cabbage is hard to find in Moscow. So the singer’s daughter boiled it.

And for the soup, she opened the chicken and boiled chopped carrots and other vegetables in the soup, fried onions, added spices, lemon juice and cream cheese. Lydia smashed the resulting mass in a blender and decorated it with herbs.

“But it really took us 30 minutes,” said Bozova.

Lydia Cream Soup. Photo: Frame from the show “Buzova in the kitchen”

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