Food you do not want to try.  What do patients eat in hospitals?

Food you do not want to try. What do patients eat in hospitals?

Food plays a vital role in the transition from disease to recovery. So what do patients eat in hospitals in Russia, the United States, Japan and other countries so that they can recover faster?

It is important to follow a diet and overeat to recover. So, in a photo published by Fishki.netPorridge with butter, bread, eggs and tea. This menu is available in our hospitals where patients are treated.

In American hospital food it looks like this: green beans, mashed potatoes, baked vegetables with some kind of broth. In Japan – vegetable soup, scrambled eggs, boiled rice, fruit, tea. And there are no scrolls.

Swedish hospitals serve sandwiches with cheese and vegetables, juice, coffee or tea. In Spain – sandwiches with ham, yogurt. Vegetable menus such as carrots, green peas, as well as small mixed potatoes and chicken in Ireland.

In Australia, explorers eat green peas and rice. To restore appetite to life – you can put a piece of chalk.

Breakfast sandwiches with salsa and a little butter can be served at Romanian clinics. There is very little hospital food in Poland: bread and butter, sliced ​​pumpkin, sausage.

Hospitals in the Czech Republic offer small amounts of spices, puree and tea infusions. And you do not want to try it.

In Canada, food tastes better: coffee, porridge, yogurt, tea or coffee. There are even sweets. In Puerto Rico hospitals, rice is eaten with meat and vegetables. And the best breakfast is in Brazil: sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, juices, stews with pieces of meat.


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