Easy recipe and unique taste

Easy recipe and unique taste

Turkish food is famous for its delicious and unusual dishes, but the local people always give a special preference to the soup. Turks can eat soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but, basically, it is always served in the second course. Turkish Soup – “Chorabji”, as a rule, work in the afternoon, because wild parties in clubs can not make a “night soup” without a single tip. Even in Turkey’s all-inclusive hotels, the mandatory end of the day at midnight is “night soup”.

Soups in Turkey are always as pure, and the soups we use are so amazing to the Turks, that they even offer pure borscht soup. Of the various types of soup, Turkish lentil soup probably plays a leading role, and the reason is here. Lentils originated in Asia and are still one of the most important agricultural plants in Asian countries and a major source of vegetable protein. Lentils are even mentioned in the Bible as the standard of living between Jacob and Esau’s brothers.

Turkish lentil soups

In Turkey, many second courses and snacks are made from lentils, but lentil soups are a favorite food of the local people. There are two types of soups. The first option is green lentil soup “Merjimek Chorbasy”, and the second option is red lentil soup “Ezogelin Chorbasy” with added spices. In both cases, before serving the soups, a large amount of butter is poured into a bowl and the guest himself adds lemon juice and dried red pepper.

The legend of the soup is “ezogelin chorbasy”

In Turkey, there is even a romantic but sad myth associated with Izogen chorabasi soup. Centuries ago, a crazy girl named Ezo lived in the Turkish province of Anatolia. The envious city friends dreamed of winning her heart, and one of them did. Ezo falls in love with a beautiful man, but as usual Ezo’s father refuses to marry his daughter to a young man and he finds himself a bride.

Ezo’s fiancé fell in love with another woman and could not fall in love with Ezo. A few years later, Ezon married a relative who took her to Syria, and she missed her family so much that she could no longer enjoy family happiness.

Ezo cooks often and elegantly and once cooked lentil soup in memory of her mother, which later became known as “Izolin Chorabesi”, meaning “Ezo Bride Soup”. Surprisingly, if you put the word “ezolin” together, you will get the word “lentils”. The beautiful Ezo then died of tuberculosis, never saw her family, and was buried in Syria, but her body was taken to Turkey and buried again.

Nowadays, the’szogelin chorbasy is one of the Turkish wedding ceremonies. Despite the sad story, the bride and groom cook soup before the wedding, which will make their marriage long and happy.


Like Ukrainian borscht, Turkish lentil soups do not have a clear recipe, and each housewife prepares them in their own way. There is only one thing that is certain: lentil soup warms the soul and body in cold weather and brings gastric pleasure to anyone who has tried it. The dish is prepared only in meat broth or in water, and the recipe is very simple and affordable. Pour cold water or soup into a saucepan, add lentils and Bulgarian and bring to the boil. Add dried paprika and pepper to the pan. Put the chopped onion in a saucepan and combine it with the tomato paste or tomato. We send the onion to the pot, add dried mint and salt to taste. Then cover the bride’s soup with a lid and cook over low heat until the lentils and Bulgarian are soft. After that, the soup can be mixed in a blender, or you can leave it as it is. Let me tell you a secret: Turkish lentil soups are eaten immediately after cooking, otherwise the next day Bulgaria and lentils will absorb all the liquid. enjoy your meal!

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