Doctors talk about the benefits and dangers of bone soup – Moscow 24, 27.10.2021

Doctors talk about the benefits and dangers of bone soup – Moscow 24, 27.10.2021

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Bone soup contains many useful ingredients, but it can be dangerous for some people. According to, citing doctors.

Bone is a strong soup made from meat, poultry or fish bones. This dish is prepared in two to 18 hours.

Therapist Bone Infusion Useful nutrients: calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, vitamins A, B2, B12 and E and others. As a result, the plate strengthens the human bone, maintaining healthy joints.

Nutritionist Ekaterina Maslova advises women to use bone soup. The collagen in the soup makes the skin younger.

Experts believe that you need to cook bone broth for as long as possible. In their opinion, the dish will be prepared for a longer period of time, with more ingredients coming out, and the composition will be stronger and richer.

“Fish soup is prepared for 1.5-2 hours, chicken – 2-4 hours, beef bones – 12-18 hours,” said nutritionist Polina Koraleva.

Doctors recommend using different parts for cooking: tubes bone, tail, cap. It is also better to add vinegar to the soup, which helps to remove the nutrients from the bones.

At the same time, Maslova recommends paying special attention to bone quality. She said it was important for animals and birds not to eat antibiotics and hormones. She advises you to choose grass-fed beef instead of roast beef.

Therapist Natalia Vasiliyeva states that to date there are no clinical studies on the benefits and harms of bone grafting.

“In general, the question is questionable. Something from the grandmother’s recipes category. There is no clear explanation of how it works in the body. It is also difficult to conduct reliable clinical studies because there are so many.

She is sure that there are no magical properties in bone broth, as many enzymes and vitamins are lost during long-term cooking. Vasiliva is also not recommended for people with high blood pressure.

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