Do not starve and do not give sweets: A dietitian told him how to lose weight after a holiday

Do not starve and do not give sweets: A dietitian told him how to lose weight after a holiday

Most importantly, after weeks of gluttony, do not rush to the other extreme.

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Well, now the New Year holidays are over! Under Olivier and herring hair coat – for the New Year, Christmas goose – on the evening of January 6-7, the old New Year’s Jellied meat … You can not even remember how much sweet food was eaten. These two weeks. And now, many in all latitude are facing a difficult question: How to discard the stockpile accumulated these days? With this question, turned a regular participant in various television programs to a famous dietitian. Elena Solomatina.

What is salt? She is in everything!

The expert first warned: The most important thing is not to rush to the extreme after weeks of starvation, only to starve and eat salad leaves. Such a sharp transition is stressful for the body and does not lead to anything good. Those who gain two or three kilograms during the holidays, may go hungry, lose weight in a week, but then they not only return quickly but also “bring others with them.” Therefore, it is important to gradually lose weight without compromising the body’s strict diet, but lose about half a kilogram a week. And, in a month and a half, we will return to the original form.

Moreover, a significant portion of the kilogram on holidays is associated with fluid retention. We eat a lot of salty foods during the holidays, and salt, as you know, makes it difficult to get rid of water.

Therefore, the first step is to limit the amount of salt in your diet. But you have to drink a lot, because otherwise the body will absorb more fluids. Deliberately remind yourself on your phone or alarm to drink water 5-6 times a day.

Our experts also recommend limiting breads, sweets, cookies and fast foods to your menu. Also, if you remove it completely from your menu, then it will be stressful for the body, so we will leave out sweets, but only fruit or dried fruits, berry smoothies, one banana a day. This fruit is high in calories and starchy and is not recommended for most foods but can still be given one banana a day according to Elena Solomatina.

The most important principle is to reduce the total amount of food you need to help you lose weight, since your stomach is tight during the holidays. It is also important to remove potatoes from your menu. The fact is that it contains a lot of starch, which is why we want it. So, for a side dish, we replace the potatoes with starch-free vegetables. These are mainly green vegetables – cabbage, broccoli, pumpkin, lettuce, celery. In the side dishes, we leave beans, lentils, legumes, beans.

For weight loss, fiber-rich foods are very important. It is not absorbed by the body, but dense fibers serve as food for the microbiota – a collection of bacteria that live in our body. A healthy microbiome is the basis of the immune system and fights pathogens.

And fiber eliminates excess fat, contributing to its elimination from the body. The fact is, the body is still trying to digest fatty fibers. And even if he does not succeed, he will still burn more calories. Vegetables are rich in fiber. First of all, celery, cabbage, greens, all kinds of salads, pumpkins.

Our expert recommends a portion (ie in small portions) and often – 5-6 times a day.

Elena Solomatina

Elena Solomatina

Week of download


For breakfast

Oatmeal. It is important to use instant Hercules, but you need to cook for at least 15 minutes, boil on water, you can add a little milk before cooking.

It is a good idea to add some protein products to this breakfast. For example, a slice of low-fat cheese (can be rubbed directly into the porridge on a baking sheet).

After a few hours – snack. An apple or half a glass of berries or a few nuts.


Flavored vegetable soup with a low-fat sour cream spoon. You can take a piece of whole grain bread.

For the second: half a plate of vegetables, a quarter – chicken (without skin only). Unbaked, but baked, boiled or baked. Whole grain bread crumbs

Afternoon Tea

You may have one pearl, or orange or two tangerines or yogurt if you eat fruits in the morning.


Cottage cheese pot.

Before going to bed, Elena Solomatina recommends, you can drink a glass of kefir or a protein cocktail or two egg whites. We do not eat yogurt at night, but we leave it for breakfast or lunch. The body needs to rest at night, and do not waste energy digesting food. Proteins, according to our expert, can be useful before bedtime. They can be easily digested, and immediately go into action: growth hormone is produced at night, which is responsible for the repair of our tissues. In adults, it is also responsible for weight loss. Protein is a building block for somatotropic hormone. But carbohydrates are not needed at night.



Two protein omelets and one core with roasted or roasted vegetables. Such a breakfast will be very satisfying and you do not want to eat for a long time.

Snacking. Since we had protein foods for the first breakfast, it makes sense to replenish carbohydrates for the second time. It can be a handful of dried fruits.


Vegetable Soup: Clean with whole grain bread.

Second: Half a plate of vegetables (not the same as yesterday). The other half is turkey, baked, boiled or baked. A piece of whole grain bread.

Afternoon Tea

If you eat fruits in the morning, eat bananas or yogurt.


Fish with roasted vegetables.

Before going to bed – just like yesterday.



Sprinkle cottage cheese with berries, a tablespoon of low-fat sour cream. Mix.

Snacking. Sweet apple.


Vegetable soup, but from other vegetables. Bread.

On the second – vegetables from fish (boiled, baked, baked). Vegetable salad. A piece of whole grain bread.

Afternoon Tea

Low fat yogurt or a few dried fruits.


Spaghetti almond with seafood and bananas.

Before going to bed – the same food choices as before.


We return to the Monday menu, then – Tuesday and so on.

According to the expert, such a menu allows you to lose half a kilo a week. But as you know, exercise is also important for weight loss. Well, if you have the opportunity to ski or skate. But even without leaving home, you can still push yourself physically. Get off the computer desk and do 15 squats, push up a bit, run for 5 minutes on the spot. It takes very little time, but it does put pressure on the body. And if you do such 10 minute exercises 5-6 times a day, get enough sleep, this will be a great help for proper nutrition. And it allows you to lose weight fast.

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