Dasha Atafiyeva Skoro Millovsky talks about how he asked for soup from volunteers (video)

Dasha Atafiyeva Skoro Millovsky talks about how he asked for soup from volunteers (video)

Former Kiev “Dynamo” footballer Artem Milevsky is embroiled in another scandal.

Ukrainian model and singer Dasha Astafieva talks about a scandal with former Dinamo Kiev footballer and Ukrainian national team player Artem Milevsky. During the program “Petrov Live” on ISLND TV, Astafeyeva talks about her work at a volunteer center, helping to pick potatoes for cooking for the Ukrainian military.

The girl believed that people who did not go to war could exercise in a volunteer center. In response, host Vladimir Petrov came to the venue with an invitation from Astafieva to eat borscht, where he met a “former soccer player” and later named him Milevsky.

“He stayed in Kiev, but when he came to ask for soup, he had an argument. And one volunteer said, “You know, you know you have money to drink, but you can’t afford it?” He said. Spend money on food. He took six classes from Oakmetit or the sons of the army and inquired diligently. I could not control myself and said, “You know, can you go and cook for me? “After that, he stopped coming,” said Dasha Atafiyeva.

The story of Milrowski and the soup (in video – from 30’s 12)

The artist said she was ashamed of such people, adding that “it was heard that he had not reached the war.”

Artem Milevsky: Response to the history of the soup

The footballer posted an article on his Instagram page, accompanied by a video of him carrying the same load with several men. Millewski did not elaborate on what was happening in the video and responded with a signature to Daria Astafieva.

“Dashka-potato, if you still want to encourage me, call me, we’ll bring you a more real story. PS Dress is great.

One of the users in the comments reminded that the soccer player had enough evidence of his behavior and advised him to start writing in Cyrillic, not Latin. “They forgot to ask me jokes about what I should do,” replied Malrowski.

Artem Milevsky released a video in response to Dasha Astafiyeva’s statements.

Photo die screenshot

Remember that Artem Milevsky completed his career by the end of 2021. In October, the soccer player passed the farewell round in the song “Vivat, King” at the NSC Olimpiyskiy.


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