Cheap but exactly how to eat a weekly meal plan

Cheap but exactly how to eat a weekly meal plan

Top 10 Healthy Foods for a Nutrition

There are many delicious foods that can help you build a balanced diet:

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  • Grains. Vegetable protein, which is involved in the building of bone and muscle tissue, is a complex carbohydrate, folic acid, and saponin and phytoestrol that help prevent high blood sugar.
  • Vegetables, fruits and berries. Particularly useful are carrots, apples, leafy greens. Carotenoids and lutein, part of the antioxidant and folate, which regulate the visual acuity of the visual cortex, regulate the toxic processes of essential nutrients.
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  • Cottage fries and dairy products. Women are more prone to osteoporosis. If we talk about not only calcium but also vitamin D, estradiol, testosterone, vitamin K supplementation, we should focus on dairy products. Yogurt also controls intestinal microflora, prevents many diseases, and improves our immune system.
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  • Eggs. Animal protein source, vitamins B6 and B12. Cardiovascular disease reduces the risk, lowers the level of homeostasis.
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  • Oil Sea fish. Vitamin D is produced in the body under the influence of sunlight and is involved in the accumulation of calcium in the skeletal system and in the synthesis of hormones, which improves the body’s resistance to viral infections. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish, which improves lipid metabolism, regulates triglyceride levels, and protects cell membranes that support the function of our nervous system.
  • Vegetable oils. Participate in controlling fat metabolism and cholesterol levels by reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
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    From these products you can prepare nutrition, improve health and well-being. It is better to buy it from farmers or trusted manufacturers: industrial products, labeled “eco” but not always useful.

    Example of a weekly meal plan

    • MondayOatmeal with dried fruits; Vegetable soup, durum wheat spaghetti with seafood; Chicken Baked with Green Beans.
    • TuesdayOmelet with greens and salmon; Chicken soup, baked vegetables; Steamed fish with tomato and pumpkin salad.
    • Wednesday: Cottage cheese pot; Mushroom soup, turkey with carrots and pumpkins; Turkey with salad.
    • Thursday: buckwheat; Potato fish soup, Beijing cabbage salad with herbs, boiled egg; Lazy pigeons.
    • Friday: Cottage cheese with bananas and nuts; Borscht, poke with salmon; Low fat steamed fish and fresh vegetable salad.
    • Saturday: Toast with grilled cheese and salmon; Vegetable soup, brown rice with chicken broth, cod.
    • Sunday : Boiled eggplant; goulash soup, lamb ribs; buckwheat porridge, turkey stew pieces.


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