Cheap and delicious: seven budget recipes for every day

Cheap and delicious: seven budget recipes for every day

Eating delicious and at the same time budgeting, although not easy, is a very real job. Unfortunately, many products in other regions are expensive here in Yakutia. The editors of News.Ykt.Ru have compiled recipes for this article for seven delicious meals each day with simple and affordable products.

Salad “Metelka”

If you are already tired of the regular and popular fresh cabbage and carrot salad, there is a great alternative – a simple, healthy and delicious pancake vegetable salad. Also known as “brush” – the ability to effectively cleanse the body of toxins and toxins.

In the basic version, the salad contains only three main ingredients: cabbage, beans and carrots. As a dressing, a little unscented sunflower oil and lemon juice are added. If desired, you can even add some fresh herbs, apples and garlic to the main ingredients.


What it takes to cook: Cabbage – 300 g, beets – 100 g, carrots – 100 g, spoon of vegetable oil (one or two), lemon juice – to taste. You can also add chopped apples, garlic (wings), fresh herbs, salt, dried herbs.

How to cook: Cut the cabbage into thin slices, cut or slice the carrots and beans, mix the vegetables in a salad bowl, add oil and spices to taste. Fill with fresh herbs or sesame seeds.

Quick soup with processed cheese and vegetables

Refined cheese soup is a fast-food dish from the “cheap and happy” series, the products are cheap, but at the same time very tasty and nutritious. You can add everything you have in the fridge to this kind of soup.


What it takes to cook: Produced cheese – two pieces, potatoes – one piece, carrots – one piece, garlic – two cloves, half an onion, dill, one bay leaf, a spoonful of vegetable oil, water – a liter, spices to taste.

How to cook: Cut onion and garlic, grate the carrots, cut the potatoes into cubes; Then fry the onion with the carrots in a saucepan, add the garlic and potatoes, pour a liter of warm water, add the birch leaves. After 10 minutes, add the shredded cheese and, stirring, cook the soup until the cheese is melted. Serve with fresh herbs and crackers.

Buckwheat Mushrooms and carrots in a saucepan

A simple, sweet and savory dish that can serve both as a side dish and as a side dish to meat.


What it takes to cook: buckwheat – 100-200 g, champignons – 100 g, a small carrot, half an onion, a soup of sunflower oil, salt and spices to taste.

How to cook: Cut the mushrooms and fry in oil, reduce heat and add finely chopped onion, cook, stirring, for three to five minutes. We wash the booklet. We put all the ingredients in a pot (the products do not contain more than half of the food), pour boiling water over the grains one centimeter higher, mix, add salt and spices. We preheat the pot to 200 degrees for 30-40 minutes and place it in the oven.

Potato balls with mushrooms

This is a delicious and satisfying meal, especially for children. If you do not like balls, you can cook them in the form of zrazy or cutlets.


What it takes to cook: Potatoes – 500 g, Champion – 100-150 g, carrots, onions, herbs, salt and spices to taste.

How to cook: Boil the potatoes in a clean mixture, cut the mushrooms and cook for several minutes with the vegetables. Then, with wet hands, we create potato balls, inserting the filling into it. We send it to the oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes (the balls should be brown). Garlic or tomato broth can be served with food.

Chicken liver in sour cream mustard broth

Chicken liver is a healthy and relatively budget product where you can cook many delicious dishes. One of them is the liver in a sour cream mustard sauce.


What it takes to cook: Liver – 250-300 g, sour cream – 150 ml, onion, sunflower oil (three or four) tablespoons flour, mustard, half a teaspoon of sugar, salt to taste.

How to cook: Wash the liver, cut into small pieces, roll in flour, fry in hot oil until done. Then we cut the onion, grease it with sunflower oil, add a little sugar. Mix liver and onion, add sour cream, mix, bring to a boil, add mustard.

Ossetian cake with cabbage and eggs

Ossetian cake is a great source of history, ancient culture and a valuable food. The Ossetians serve the pio three times to the table, representing God, the sun, and the earth. Classic Ossetian Cabuscajin is prepared with cabbage and cheese. But we are preparing for a more budget and diet option – with cabbage and eggs. The recipe is for two packs.


What it takes to cookFor the test we need 1.5 cups of wheat flour, a glass of hot water, half a pack of high-speed yeast, one egg, one teaspoon of salt and two tablespoons of sugar; You will need 400 g of cabbage, a small onion, three chicken eggs (one for the pie), 15 ml of vegetable oil, 35-40 g butter and a pinch of butter to fill.

How to cook: Pack the yeast dough and wait for it to come, and at this time we will prepare the filling: finely chop and grate the cabbage and onion, mix with the fried egg and butter. We then roll out the flour, place the filling on a half-radius, cover the edges to the center of the pan, carefully pinch the dough and sprinkle with a little flour. Then grease the pizzas with beaten egg and bake in an oven at 220 degrees for 15-20 minutes.


Polinta is a popular Italian dish made from corn flour. It is often compared to a fairy-tale Cinderella: it can be a simple country dish during the day, and a real recipe in the evening can be a masterpiece. Here we offer recipes for ancient Italian pollen, but you can duplicate them with soups, jams and various additives (mushrooms, shrimp, dried fruits, etc.).


What it takes to cook: Corn flour and water. The ancient pollen ratio is three parts water to one part. Salt and sugar to taste.

How to cook: In hot, but not yet boiling water, carefully, in small portions, pour the flour, stirring constantly the contents of the pot. Continue stirring for 30 to 50 minutes (depending on the size and quality of the flour) and cook over low heat. The following signs tell us about readiness: the mass is well separated from the wall and the bottom, and where it meets the tropics, scales form. Place the finished weight on the board and wait for it to cool, then cut into sections.

What are your budget and delicious recipes? Share in the comments!

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