Breakfast with lentils for weight loss

Breakfast with lentils for weight loss

Lentils are high in fiber and have enough protein for lunch and breakfast.

The lentil method takes about two hours to digest, thanks to which it prolongs the feeling of satisfaction and prevents hunger. Lentils also help control blood sugar levels and protect us from the dangers of high-calorie snacks. It is rich in fiber and protein and is ideal for lunch and breakfast. Red and yellow lentils are the fastest (15-30 minutes) and green lentils can be cooked the day before. The dressing can also be prepared in advance and stored in the refrigerator. Then in the morning all that is left is to cut the vegetables and collect the salad. By the way, tomatoes are another great product for weight loss. They contain insulin, which reduces hunger.

Lentil salad with coconut dressing

Diet with dairy products allows you to lose 61% more weight and 81% more waist circumference than the same calorie diet, but without kefir or yogurt. So yogurt will be useful!

Drink yogurt or kefir

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