Borsch’s birthday.  Why do you eat soup?

Borsch’s birthday. Why do you eat soup?

From childhood, parents, grandparents told us that soups are very healthy. It was unthinkable without a soup dinner. But in the ’90s, the popularity of soups fell. The soup was so rich in carbohydrates that new foods were introduced. However, modern nutritionists say that soups are so healthy that they can be eaten every day.

What are their benefits?

Soups are a balanced collection of protein, fat and carbohydrates as well as vitamins and minerals. How healthy the soup will be depends on the method of preparation and the products you choose.

Liquid consistency, boiled vegetables and meat prepare the stomach for heavy meals. Moreover, products made with such heat treatment contain additional ingredients. Boiling food by boiling it in boiling water is one of the most common forms of heat treatment. The structure of protein molecules is partially destroyed, which leads to the breakdown of gastrointestinal enzymes, and proteins are better absorbed after boiling.

Other health benefits of soup include:

– Fast digestion;

– Heating properties;

– Normalization of blood pressure;

– Rapid satisfaction of hunger;

– Improving security and overall sound;

– Restore fluid balance.

Each type of soup is useful in its own way. Pea improves metabolism and helps you lose extra pounds because it absorbs well and stimulates bowel movements. Chicken soup stimulates the stomach, reduces infectious processes, helps to cure colds. Vegetables promote weight loss, body cleansing, metabolism. Milk soup contains a lot of amino acids, protein, has a beneficial effect on the stomach – it is useful for children and older generations to eat.

In order to maintain the maximum amount of nutrients, Rospotrebnadzor recommends the following Simple rules for cooking soups:

1) cooking soups on the second soup;

2) refined fat;

3) salt as the water begins to boil;

4) use of spices and various herbs;

5) Cook over low heat without covering the lid.

The first thing to do is to cook properly and feed your body healthy and delicious food. You can find many recipes for healthy soups in our “Recipe Book – Cooking” section.


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