Akawi – Oriental street food with Indian spices

Akawi – Oriental street food with Indian spices

We will tell you where to try real Indian food in Berlin.


Acai is located east of Berlin at Copernicus Strace. One mile[1 km]from the center is the East Art Gallery.

You can taste traditional Indian recipes from the ingredients of the restaurant. To this end, a variety of herbs and spices are used, combining many Eastern cultures. In the facility you can choose Eastern classic dishes as well as versions of this dish.

You can try out the menu items in person and order them at home. The restaurant offers outdoor events.


The restaurant menu is extensive. For vegetarians and vegans, it offers a choice of regular foods.

We recommend that you order lentil soup with pita. It costs € 5. Then the beetroot salad will be served at 7,, which you will love. But you can choose another one – Fatush. This is a bread salad made from sliced ​​pita bread with radishes and tomatoes. It costs € 7.50.

Do not hesitate to try the most popular dish – hummus in the establishment and in the East. In Akawi, Thursday is served with pita bread and a small salad, tahini and chickpeas, fresh beetroot salad, eggs and Indian spices. Costs range from € 7 to € 9.

Hummus for every taste.  Photo: Tima Miroshnichenko / pexels.com

You can also try the unusual spicy hummus with Shakshuka – egg dishes and hot traditional hand-made humus. It costs up to 50 9.50.

You can order beer and wine as well as non-alcoholic cocktails from the drinks here.


Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

“The best Thursday I had in Berlin. Enough rooms, the right food and the most delicious owner and staff! Some advice. “

“If you like Thursday, you’ll love this place!”

This is the best place to get humus in Berlin. I come here at least once a week. Shakshuka Thursday will not stop impressing me, but in principle, you can order any other food here. You will not regret it. “

Address: Kopernikusstrasse 8, 10245 Berlin, Germany
Telephone +49 30 27598000
Menu drop- Check it out on the site
Kitchen Eastern, Indian, Arabic
Travel Consultant ★★★★★

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Top photo: Taryn Elliott / pexels.com

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