A dietitian is told who does not want to eat soup – Moscow 24, 04/02/2022

A dietitian is told who does not want to eat soup – Moscow 24, 04/02/2022

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The soup should not be eaten at lunch, and a complete rejection will not lead to any disease, Anna Korobkina, a dietitian and nephrologist told Moscow.

According to her, the helicopter is a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori. Moreover, the soup can be harmful and can cause heartburn in gastritis with high acidity, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. In an interview with the Doctor 24 program, the doctor said, “This is because there are so many nutrients in the soup, they themselves add digestive juices.”

One of the myths is that soups help to lose weight. But the dietitian thinks otherwise. “Soups are water with fat, some ground fiber in the form of vegetables, a little protein. At the same time the person ate the soup and after a while he felt hungry again. There are not many nutrients in there to get enough food.

If it is vegetable soups – it is still safe. But when we still lose the structure, get a cream soup and more fat – cream, this can not be called a diet product. Only fat products with high glycemic index.

Anna Korobkina

Dietician, nephrologist

However, if you can not resist the soup completely, you can opt for gaspacho, although it does not help to lose weight. “A person eats, for example, a soup containing 110 calories. In addition, he eats a salad – this is a prerequisite for lunch, then another protein, in the end it will suffice,” said the specialist.

In addition, it is not necessary to eat soup at lunchtime. “There is no such thing anywhere in the world. You can eat soup for dinner,” Korabina added.

It is very important to pour the first soup when preparing the soup, this is not a myth, the nutritionist explained. “We don’t know about meat hygiene – especially, for example, chicken, the chicken in which the soup is cooked, with the original soup, most of the fat and fat, purine is lost (we partially lose it. The doctor explained.

Korabina added that the same chicken soup may be helpful for pain. “If you feel healthy, everyone can eat it, to get a certain amount of nutrition and energy. It also contains the amino acid cysteine: helps to clear sputum during colds, remove it from the bronchi and restore strength,” he said.

Gastroenterologist Nouri Dianova, a nutritionist, warns that eating hot foods and drinks can lead to esophageal candidiasis and cancer. According to the expert, the temperature of the food should be above 55 degrees, so as not to burn the mucous membrane.


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