A dietitian explained what the harm of chicken soup is

A dietitian explained what the harm of chicken soup is

Chicken soup is considered to be an important product for many ailments, including colds. “Evening Moscow” decided to find out Dietitian Elena Solomatina This is true and there are categories of people who are not allowed to graduate.

According to the expert, decay was previously considered a good remedy for recovery after serious illnesses. But those times are over.

– Since chicken is very well digested, it passes into the broth, including amino acids, which help to strengthen the immune system, which contains many useful nutrients protein. The food is good for the body to digest easily, as it consumes a lot of energy on other needs to recover. Solid foods are harder to digest than liquid foods. The fact is, chicken pox contains L-carnitine, which ensures the transport of fatty acids to vital organs. Thanks to this, they begin to function more efficiently, generate energy and absorb nutrients. Spices are often added to the decoction, which increases blood flow to the mucous membranes, which contributes to improved immunity, improving the expectorant effect. Spices also increase the temperature, shared by the dietitian.

But now things are not as good as it used to be, says the expert.

– The fact is that now the chickens sold in stores are not kept as usual. It is not recommended to use the compost prepared with them, especially for the first compost. This applies to the opposite, and it concerns everyone. In extreme cases, a second soup is used. But it will not be so much, because with harmful substances, after the first decay, some nutrients will also disappear, – Solomati said. “The reality is very different now. If you can make a strong soup then do it It should not be used by people with urolithiasis, pancreatitis and gout.

Elena Solomatina adds that in any case, the second soup is a good tool to restore the body after illness. It has a saturated effect, and gives the body the amount of fluid it needs.

“It is very difficult to say that the second decoction is harmful, but it still has some benefits for the body to recover,” the dietitian concluded.

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