7 Relaxing Instagram and Tiktok Accounts with Recipes

7 Relaxing Instagram and Tiktok Accounts with Recipes

If you do not want to stand on the stove right now, but you want to attract attention, we recommend you sign up for instagrams with recipes. You may want to cook for the future, but the process of looking and preparing beautiful dishes is very exciting. We share 7 blogs to see if you can relax.


If you want to enjoy not only the finished food but also all the stages of creation, you are here. The recipes are clear and very beautiful. Good lighting, perfectly matched products and good angle will transform the cooking process into a real beauty treat. Prepare to spend at least half an hour watching.


The best American vegan edition comes with a variety of vegan recipes. The compounds will even surprise you with the following: A chocolate cake with red beans and pink, cheese and cabbage soup or lentil salad with mango and onion tips.

The mood of the blog is calm – there are more photo recipes in the tag than videos. If you would like a dynamic image, go to the site’s editors Anna Cot to Instagram. There you will find excellent vegan recipes – by the way in Russian.


Victor Tachchenko is a novice dessert from Orenburg. He prepares most of the recipes for the first time, then tries the dish and shares his opinion. It turned out to be very touching.

If you have no experience in the sweet business and really want to try it out, we recommend that you do this with a blogger. The visual part is smaller than the advanced food bloggers, but the stability and confidence that everything works will definitely be seen.

@ Food 52

The key is to add a new recipe two or three times a day here. This is a great option if you want to cook fresh food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food 52 does not have a single face, the recipe may be from chefs, gastro fans and bloggers.


Carolina Ghelen is one of 52 foodies. Her colorful and intricate presentation is recognizable – surprisingly mouth-watering dishes can be taken for a long time. The recipes are in English, but all the recipes appear in sufficient detail – there should be no incomprehensible moments. In addition, the ingredients and step-by-step recipes are provided in the comments.

There are no restrictions on food: you can find a way to prepare a variety of pastas, pizzas, tacos, sandwiches, meat, eggs, desserts. Baking recipes are especially like recipes for big big eclair cake, banana pudding or lemon-poppy seed cake.

@symmetry Breakfast

Couples Michael and Mark post nutritious breakfast photos and attach the recipe to the post in the comments. In addition to the traditional breakfast cereals, eggs and pancakes, there are dishes for lunch or dinner: pasta, sandwiches, Chinese pumpkins. Perfect people are so happy that some pairs of breakfast are so similar that it is hard to believe that there are still two sets of meals.


Emily blogs on Instagram and Titus. In the video, the girl shows not only simple recipes but also life-saving abductions that help to store food properly. Special Happiness is a video with analysis of marketable products. Emily puts perfect fruits, vegetables, and greens in a special way for long-term storage.

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