5 Delicious Chefs from the Best Chefs – City, 03/12/2022

5 Delicious Chefs from the Best Chefs – City, 03/12/2022

The Lenten menu can be fun and original. During this time we were spying on famous chefs. We will share it with you.

Mushroom Soup from Constantine Evelev

Mushrooms are a good substitute for meat and fish during fasting. They allow you to turn vegetable soups into real treats. And it was a pot, because in the past it was called soup without filling meat and fish. But if animal protein is added to the same vegetable or mushroom soup, this is already a whole soup, which, obviously, no one in Russia cooks during fasting.

Tomatoes stuffed with bulgur, artichoke and almond from Julia Vysotskaya

Video: Julia Vysotskaya / YouTube

Although Italian food is largely based on animal fats and protein, there are many options for the Lenten menu. In this case, the plate will be just as satisfying, but at the same time it will not contain a substance that is anti-Lentinism. And at the same time, such a diet is ideal for people who follow the daily calorie content and BJU. Olives and butter are high in fat, tomatoes and bulgur are rich in carbohydrates, while artichokes and almonds are rich in vegetable protein.

Tornip with spinach and citrus by Vladimir Makin

And this dessert diversity is rooted in our 19th century history. True, it was difficult to say at that time that lemons and bergamot were as popular as they are today, but let’s call it the Convention on Modern Russian Food. Turnip – as a base, honey – as a spice, and a combination of many herbs – as a detail, leads to good taste. The dish is ready in 15 minutes, even a child can handle it. True, in terms of ingredients, this salad does not pull the strings. But as a snack, it is suitable for most fasting people.

Ratutil by Elia Laszerson

Video: Lazerson Zone / YouTube

After Italian and old Russian cuisine, we proceed peacefully to traditional French cuisine. Ratatouille (including the cartoon of the same name) is considered one of the most popular dishes in France today. Firstly, because it is a simple and affordable product for everyone, and secondly, because it is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and fast people. And at the same time, ratatouille observes the main rule: good nutrition – satisfying, but not heavy on the stomach. Suitable for fasting.

Hummus with onion oil by Andrey Matyukh

Video: “Matuka Chef / Author’s Recipe” / YouTube

And now let’s move on to the traditional Jewish snack – humus. It is a pea with sesame seeds. But in this case, this combination is complemented by green peas, onion oil and melon radish. Although there are no animal products here, the recipe is very satisfying. It can easily replace the main course with a caloric content of 200-300 grams. Ideal for the next half month of Lent.


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