5 cost-effective products to check for payment

5 cost-effective products to check for payment

For example, after a vacation or an unexpected major purchase.

The user shared a long-term “survival” experience with no money during the expected cash flow, but you should not somehow manage the rest of the money and get into debt. One practices this approach after a break. For itself, it has identified many cheap products, allowing you to eat the most irritating and relatively balanced diet in two weeks.


The author writes that he could not think of saving without potatoes. Cheap potatoes can be found in supermarkets and markets. Benefits Potatoes can be eaten in a variety of forms: fried, baked, fried, in the form of mashed potatoes, topped with pies.


The benefits of buckwheat are nutritious and healthy, and even “empty” goes well, the person notices. Buckwheat can be paired with any vegetable or pickle. One glass of cereal for two is enough for one meal, and you can now buy a bag of buckwheat even when there is a price increase.

Chicken eggs

The author immediately takes one egg (30 pieces), which costs 250-280 rubles, but this is enough for a long time. Eggs are convenient, because like potatoes, they can be cooked in different ways: boiling, omelette, scrambled eggs, croutons. Eggs are also very satisfying and easy to cook. The person realizes that he can eat eggs in different ways to eat breakfast for a whole week, and he does not get bored.

Soup Chicken Collection

The author costs about 100 rubles per kilogram, but they are cheap. With this set, you can cook soup, cook potatoes or cook buckwheat. At least there is meat, but there is a taste of fat and meat, and this is not economically unfortunate.

Cheap fish

Sometimes a person buys blue wine, cappuccino, fresh herring or vendas at an affordable fish market. You can fish yourself a few times during the dirty season: fry or fish soup, and salt herring goes well with potatoes.


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