10 Ways To Get Rid Of Acne On The Fist

10 Ways To Get Rid Of Acne On The Fist


Acne has been identified as having nothing to do with acne. Therefore, it will be necessary to deal with rashes in a completely different way. We have collected the most effective advice from dermatologists to get rid of this unpleasant disease once and for all.

Unfortunately, pimples can appear on our skin everywhere. Absolutely clean face, rashes still appear on the eyes. Even the most sophisticated cleaners and healthy women often suffer from booze. The term new fungus refers to a severe form of pimples on the fist and is a mixture of two words – boot (in English pimples) and, in fact, pimples, ie, pimples.

It is thought to be one of the most common forms of folliculitis – hair follicles caused by bacterial proliferation. Buttne can also occur, for example, with irritability or some other type of infection. The fact is, we spend all day in underwear and underwear, sitting for long periods of time, which increases body temperature. Therefore, it is easy for bacteria to reproduce and burn follicles. In addition, a person may suffer for years due to an allergy to pads or toilet paper and without even realizing it.

Violation of the hormonal background can cause rashes in some areas. The imbalance is caused by weight gain, menopause, contraception or gastritis.

In general, there can be many reasons to look like rashes. First of all, we recommend that you consult several doctors: a general practitioner, a dermatologist, a gynecologist, an allergist. Only after examining and resolving the analysis can the patient be able to determine the exact cause of the disease. However, there are many tips to help reduce acne in the short term.

1. Change your underwear and bedding regularly.

Banal hygiene is very important. In recent years, we have heard of overcrowding daily baths and laundry. Even the show stars often try to bathe and drink fragrant shower gel. Of course, it is better to replace the flavored products with natural ones – or it is better to do it only with water.

By the way, make sure you take a shower as soon as you get active. Sweat has been shown to cause fractures.

2. Avoid uncomfortable clothing.

Too tight and tight clothing can result in a violation of temperature control. So the rash. We recommend that you choose such garments only on special occasions, and often give preference to soft cotton fabrics.
In the evening, it is best to completely remove underwear and warm pajamas. Without clothing, it allows the skin to “breathe” for at least 8 hours and recover after a hard day.


3. Use special lubricants.

If the rash on the buttocks is not contagious, then it can only be treated with antibacterial and antifungal agents. Ointments containing panthenol benzoyl, peroxide, local anti-inflammatory hormones, and antibacterial components work well. Dermatologists also recommend cleansing the swelling with tea tree oil at least 2 times a day – this method dries, removes and cleanses the skin.

4. Sign up for laser hair removal.

The whole process takes no more than 20 minutes. During this time, your hair follicles will be completely removed, making it harder for bacteria to enter.

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5. Try a chemical peel.

This procedure helps to get rid of pimples, after the skin, and restore the natural color of the skin. This is done by moisturizing the skin, increasing its tone and elasticity, and normalizing the function of the sebaceous glands.
As a nice bonus – the punches look tighter, the skin is more elastic and smooth.

6. Moisturize your skin.

If the skin does not get enough moisture, it will start to dry out, and small cracks will appear on it. This contributes to skin elasticity. Doctors recommend that you use body fat daily.

7. Be gentle with your shave.

If you remove the hair yourself with a razor, then do it along the hairline. And do not forget to use special ointments before the procedure, and after – moisturizing.


8. Change your laundry soap.

Some people have intolerance to some of the components that are common in washing powder. Look for scent-free hypoallergenic products, wash your clothes with them and check your skin condition.

If after a few weeks the rash has subsided, the problem is actually in the wrong powder or conditioner.

9. Increase physical activity.

Staying in a sitting position for long periods of time will only aggravate the appearance of pimples. We recommend that you take a break from work most of the time, get up and walk around the office for at least two minutes. Great if you can stand and work!

And in your spare time, we recommend that you walk more in the fresh air or spread a small amount of exercise every day. Squats, running, jumping, lungs – that’s what you want.


10. Review your diet and quit bad habits.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Too many carbohydrates, too little vegetables, too many healthy grains and berries can ruin the whole body. You should also not suddenly switch to a raw diet or vegetarian diet, it is better to simply reduce flour, sweets and fried foods in your diet.

In addition, meals should be regular. This not only speeds up the metabolism but also helps to break the cycle of acne.

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